Select Air Conditioning Case Study

There comes a time in every business when the following questions are asked: Do we scale the business for growth? Or do we continue as is? For the management team at Select Air Conditioning, it was the desire to become an industry leader that led them to AroFlo.

Our cutting-edge job management software gave Select the ability to streamline their business processes. It’s a professional approach that’s taken Select to the next level.


Business Profile

What they do: Select Air Conditioning offers full design and implementation solutions for heating and cooling. They specialise in the health, retail and education sectors, with specific expertise in commercial buildings, high-rise apartments, industrial plants, medical facilities and critical service areas.

Who they help: Commercial clients in the health, retail and education sectors.

With AroFlo since: 2009

Located in: Mordialloc, Victoria

Industry:  Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Number of employees: 23


The management team at Select Air Conditioning were on a mission to become leaders in the heating and cooling industry. But they also knew their existing processes weren’t going to cut it.

Taking Select to the next level would require a solid job management system. Invoices needed to be quickly and efficiently turned around. Projects needed to be better tracked. The time lag between job generation and payment needed to disappear.

Director Shane Loffler knew there was a better way to streamline business processes. Internet research and a recommendation from a colleague directed him to AroFlo. We’re proud to say it was the start of a beautiful partnership.


Any major shift in business systems comes with some apprehension. Resourcing the right product, concerns about staff uptake, compatibility with other applications – all require careful consideration.

But a key concern was spending time training staff with little or no IT experience. Select’s management imagined it would cost the business valuable time and money.

So, staff member Darryn Fox took the initiative to trial AroFlo before the system was integrated across the board. He became the go-to for colleagues during the full implementation phase, helping to ensure things ran smoothly. Much to Darryn’s surprise, even those with little or no IT experience could easily navigate the AroFlo system. They even enjoyed it!


AroFlo’s logical and trade-specific interface allows for simple and advanced processes to be carried out both in the office and out in the field.

Select’s staff were over the moon with the instant reduction in unwanted paperwork. Before AroFlo’s implementation staff spent up to an hour of billable time each day filling out tedious forms.

Now, the new streamlined and easy-to-use system means endless paperwork is a thing of the past – saving time and money, and making everyone a whole lot happier!

The reasons why Select Air Conditioning love AroFlo:

  • It’s a complete package.
  • Same-day invoicing.
  • It’s easy for staff to learn and use.
  • Hundreds of billable hours are saved each month.
  • Business processes are now streamlined.

One last thing: We listen.

At AroFlo, we’re always on the lookout for new ideas that will make our product even better. Select came to us with some product feedback and we listened.

“We are open to ways we can improve our software and develop new modules as the service industry changes and grows,” says AroFlo Managing Director, Guy Arrowsmith.

Many of our new releases are tested on groups from our customer base, providing us with valuable feedback and insight on what works and what needs adjusting.

Our customers are the reason behind everything we do, which is why we take the time to listen to their feedback. We succeed when you succeed; it’s as simple as that!

“The full implementation was surprisingly good. Even staff with very little IT experience could navigate the system easily and even enjoyed it!”

Darryn Fox, Project Manager – Select Air Conditioning

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