Technical  Manager

I am the first point of contact for any integrations utilising our API or Zapier Apps, as well as being a conduit between our Customer Service and Development teams with my understanding of AroFlo’s internal workings, its user interface and more importantly our clients’ workflows and business uses.

I am also responsible for many internal integrations and technologies to make sure our various teams can do what they need to. Using technology to solve business issues is fascinating and I love digging into new projects and finding out how best to solve them.

  • I Like

Good Coffee! Flight Simulation & 3D Printing, I’m currently creating my own set of flight controls. Water Rescue Training with the Newfoundland Club of Victoria and our beautiful Ivy the Newfy. Watching my daughter dance.

  • I Don’t Like

Bad Coffee! Liver, Kidney & Brains, I am NOT a Zombie! Bad dog owners.