What’s your role at AroFlo?

I am the Data Services Manager, and developer (people) manager in one of our agile teams.

I started off on the phones in support in 2014 doing a few SQL queries, then AroFlo allowed me the opportunity to develop my DBA skills, then to grow a team (not like in a pot), and now move into a more managerial position – while still doing a lot of coding and DBA duties day to day.

How does a typical day (or week) in your role look?

“Typical”! I haven’t had a day where I got done what I set out to do in years – but that’s what I love about it! My day is a hectic collection of prioritising requests from other departments, development work, managerial duties, and pranking other staff when able.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

The variety and the challenge.

Nothing is ever simple or repetitive, and I need to wear my thinking brain every day. Anything I do more than twice I can automate – and I have the total flexibility and freedom to make those calls myself. Some days that might be putting on headphones and finding a solution to a long standing problem that benefits internally or to our clients.

What’s been the highlight of your time at AroFlo so far?

Being fanta santa at the Christmas party. Flying drones inside the office. Putting pink koalas on everyone’s desktops. Doing donuts and skiddies in the carpark (bugger the NDA!). Making lifelong friendships with the people I work with. BBQs in the carpark. Office LAN party AH. Souva challenges. Still being 90% HR complaint free. Having a laugh every day I work – and working at a place that facilitates such a great atmosphere and culture.

  • I Like

Cars, motorbikes, engines, drift, racing, F1, D1, MotoGP, rally, JDM, breaking cars… and fixing them!

  • I Don’t Like

Hybrids, bad phone lines, hitting my head on things, and Sebastian Vettel.