Pricing changes. Here's the lowdown.

What's the change?

An AroFlo price increase is coming up in October this year for some of our customers. Other customers saw a price increase earlier in the year.

Our user pricing tiers will be increased to the following amounts (for Active Users, excluding GST):

Tier 1 (your first 20 users)
$55 AUD p/user

Tier 2 (your next 30 users)
$40 AUD p/user

Tier 3 (all users 51+)
$30 AUD p/user

When will this change occur?
The increase will occur from October 1st 2022, and you will see this increase on your November 2022 invoice.

Why is our price changing?
We will occasionally need to increase our prices to make further investment in the software and services.We aim to make smaller, annual changes and avoid the need for larger increases every few years.

But I've already had an increase this year?
If you had a price increase earlier in the year, it's very unlikely you'll be getting one again now.

If that's the case we will ensure you're excluded from this increase and your price is locked in for at least 12 months.

Need some help?
Review your users via AroFlo by clicking: Reports > General > System Usage
Contact our support team

Note that all other AroFlo products, integrations and services won't be impacted by this increase.