Julie Apidopoulos

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Sales Manager I am responsible for managing our sales team, utilising my experience in sales, training and operations management. I enjoy showing clients how AroFlo can transform their business, with the added bonus of working with a great team of people [...]

Donald Cameron

2019-09-13T13:56:55+10:00January 1st, 2012|Categories: Software Development|Tags: |

Data Services Manager My job is all about ACID! ... Atomicity, Consistency, Integrity, Durability. As the leader of the DBA and Data team, my role is to ensure your data is always safe, secure, available, and backed up. [...]


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Customer Service Manager It’s my responsibility to ensure that the Customer Service Team runs smoothly and efficiently so we can deliver the best training and support experience to all our clients. Each of our clients is unique and has their [...]

Bradley Bristow-Stagg

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Technical  Manager I am the first point of contact for any integrations utilising our API or Zapier Apps, as well as being a conduit between our Customer Service and Development teams with my understanding of AroFlo's internal workings, its user interface [...]

Peter Vojtech

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Digital Design Manager When you see that there's another new feature in AroFlo, I’m the guy who has probably had a part in creating either the video, interactive walk-through, images, or help pages that are designed to guide you through the system. I [...]

Amy Polidano

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HR and Accounts Manager I’m fortunate to have a varied role, where I manage the Accounts and HR aspects of our business. I work closely with all the Managers to implement new policies and procedures, providing transparency to our staff [...]