Field Service Software

AroFlo iPhone service softwareNot all Field Service Software is the same. AroFlo Field Service Software is a web-based application that’s accessible across any mobile device. It gives you complete visibility across your entire business, so you always stay in control.

Access Everything in the Field

Our Field Service Software has an easy-to-use interface so your field technicians can perform their entire job management on site.

From supplier purchase orders, task management, workplace safety, timesheets, invoices and customer payments  – everything can be accessed and processed live from the job site.

True Field Mobility

AroFlo was always built for the cloud so, unlike other field service software, it’s a genuine SaaS solution. It gives you the flexibility to manage your business from any location – on the job, in the office, at home, or even on vacation.

Using smart phones or mobile devices, your field technicians can immediately share job information with office staff. This means you’ll also save time, have less paperwork and, most of all, minimise costly mistakes.

You’ll always know where your staff are, what they’re working on, and when they finish.

Increase Profitability

AroFlo offers 100% visibility and better control of your business processes and workflows. You’ll be blown away with the massive productivity gains that come from tracking jobs in real time.

Your teams will have real time access to up-to-the-minute job and project information which will improve billing accuracy, profitability and cash flow. It also has the added bonus of helping to eradicate time consuming administrative tasks.

With AroFlo’s handheld interface you can even capture signatures electronically out in the field on your smart phone or tablet. As a consequence you’ll decrease the chances of important paperwork going missing from the job site to the office.

Automated Timesheets

AroFlo removes the need for a paper based timesheets by allowing staff to quickly record their time in the field using a simple timesheet interface.

You can take things on step further with AroFlo’s GPS Timesheet Tracking which capture every hour on the job – even if staff forget. With a few clicks you can automatically feed labour hours into timesheets and job cards.

GPS Tracking

AroFlo’s superior GPS tracking system works on your team’s existing mobile devices so you can monitor and manage your entire fleet – anytime, anywhere.

Unlike a standard GPS tracking device, our GPS job tracker isn’t restricted to vehicles or vans. Because it works on smart phones you can monitor your field technicians across the entire day. It doesn’t matter if they’re working on foot at a job site, picking up parts from a supplier or travelling in their van.

Project & Service Management

Our Field Service Software is an all-in-one solution that can even be used for complex organisations. It provides a single interface that can be used across multiple business units, as well as different service tasks and bigger projects. Everything you need is contained in the one full featured system.

Compliance (OH&S)

Workplace safety can’t be ignored. AroFlo simplifies the process by integrating compliance software with a full featured field service solution.

Your teams in the field will have quick and easy access to record any work site risks and controls. This includes safety checklists, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) forms. It’s all automated and stored in the system which makes it faster for them to complete so they can get on with the job.

AroFlo iPad service software