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AroFlo’s powerful job management software and MYOB work beautifully together

AroFlo is a MYOB Premium Developer Partner and authorised MYOB add-on.

Our AroFlo-MYOB integration link combines the accounting prowess of MYOB with the job management power of AroFlo to allow for an easy flow of information.

You can do all of your work in AroFlo and use the integration link to move your client and supplier updates, along with finalised purchase orders and invoices, across to MYOB.

Enter your data into one system, not multiple

Eliminate one of the most frustrating and time consuming components of paper work– double entry. AroFlo’s MYOB add-on eliminates the need for staff to swap between different programs to get their work done. They simply enter it all into AroFlo, and it is sent to MYOB with the click of a button – it’s that simple.

  • Changes in client or supplier information recorded in AroFlo is then updated the next time you run the AroFlo MYOB integration link.
  • Once an Invoice or Purchase order has been completed in AroFlo the Integration Software will move that into MYOB ready to receive payment against it or to remind you to pay the bill.

Simplify timesheet entry

AroFlo’s leading MYOB integration allows you to send AroFlo timesheets straight to MYOB. These can include productive time such as billable hours and non-productive time such as overheads.

  • Reduce manual entry during pay runs and send verified timesheets to MYOB.
  • Send overheads like sick leave and annual leave as approved leave.
  • Send productive hours for those paid by the hour such as contractors and casuals.

Pull data from MYOB into AroFlo

A good relationship requires open communication. AroFlo’s MYOB integration also includes the ability to pull data from MYOB back into AroFlo to be used in a variety of ways.

  • To prevent you having to start from scratch and enter information manually, our team can pull across things like account codes, clients and suppliers in your AroFlo account.
  • Any payments made will be pushed back to AroFlo for instant and easy reconciliation. This includes client and supplier payments, as well as any credits, so you’ll always be up-to-date with your cashflow.

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