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Invest in success with AroFlo's range of electrical contractor software. Purpose-built for the types of work you complete every single day.

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All the tools you need in one software package.

AroFlo's electrical contractor software packs in all the features and functionality you need to take your operations to the next level. Accessible from anywhere on one central cloud-based platform.

Automate your office operations with a cloud-based solution

Scale up without hiring more office staff! AroFlo's electrical software is the best friend of owners, operators and admin staff everywhere. With dozens of automated features that eliminate double-handling and increase office efficiency, you'll wonder how you ever ran things before getting on board with AroFlo.

Give your field team a real time-saving tool

Time spent on excess admin in the field is time wasted. That's why AroFlo's electrical job management software is a powerful solution for trade businesses. Our features are built for functionality and time-saving. Whether you're using our electrical estimating software to schedule jobs on the spot or dispatch a purchase order before your next, you'll constantly be improving your operations.

Electrical job management software that doesn't compromise functionality

AroFlo's electrical software is a feature-complete solution, meaning you won't need to shop around for another specialised management software for electricians to get the job done right. If you're worried about the complexity of AroFlo's service management solution, don't be. Our software is straightforward to learn and uses industry-standard terms to describe features and functionality. No jargon included.

⚙️ job management

Turn micro-management into business management.

Stressing over every detail can feel like the only way to run a successful electrical business. If you're at your wit's end, AroFlo can help get things back on track. Our electrical contractor software gives you more time to focus on scaling your operations by taking care of the tedious tasks that cost you time and don't make you money.

Ditch excess paperwork for paying work

Running your electrical business with a Biro can only take you so far. Let AroFlo's electrical job management software help you with the next step. AroFlo is 100% paperless and operates as an entirely cloud-based solution. You can finally stop carting around physical job cards, handling customer management on the phone and chasing lost paperwork just to keep things running smoothly.

Get an instant view of your business vitals on demand

AroFlo helps savvy electrical business owner take their operations to the next level. Good governance ensures strong growth, and with AroFlo's suite of service management and reporting tools, you'll always have what you need to make effective decisions when it counts. Bring up job data, staff user statistics and financials in seconds, then create detailed reports showing you where you're excelling and where you can improve next.

Merge your company hierarchy into your job management software

AroFlo supports multiple custom permission groups and user types, letting you easily merge your company heirarchy into our software platform. User permissions can also grant limited AroFlo access to contractors and other third parties you engage with, letting you easily run all aspects of your workforce from one software.

🛞 smooth operations

The same business processes you've always used, just faster & easier.

AroFlo doesn't reinvent the wheel; it just makes it turn faster for your business. Our features and functionality use the same industry-standard names as the manual processes you've used to run your business up to this point. The difference is that our software for electricians increases speed and accuracy in ways that paperwork never can.

Field service management from anywhere

If you're still stuck using outdated manual methods to run your business, then you've probably never considered how easy it can be to run your field operations by distance. AroFlo lets you ditch the paperwork and run job timers, schedules and timesheets by distance. Why bother doing things the old way when AroFlo can help you check how your technicians are doing from anywhere without jumping in the truck and heading out to see for yourself?

Keep compliant without creating a mountain of paperwork

Operating a successful electrical business means filling out a lot of compliance and OHS documentation. AroFlo takes these forms and turns them digital, letting you instantly fill out and file your core safety documentation rather than hauling it back to the office at the end of the day. If you work in project management, our OHS documentation feature is a great tool for winning work from your less tech-savvy competitors.

Scale up without hiring more staff

If you're scratching your head trying to figure out how to make your operations run smoothly without hiring, AroFlo is your solution. Our software actively helps your field and office staff complete tedious work admin faster, letting them get back to helping you grow your business success. AroFlo is also a 100% cloud-based platform, making it suitable for businesses operating over multiple locations or employing off-site staff.


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Suitable for sole traders, enterprises and everything in between

AroFlo is an electrical software that grows with you. Pick and choose the features you need, then scale our electrical service software to meet your business's new challenges as it expands.
Our electrical job management software does the work of multiple employees, making it perfect for sole traders and partnerships or the rapidly expanding trade business that needs solutions to problems rather than more boots on the ground to solve them.
If you're stuck using outdated software that can only partially account for the needs of your business now, then it's time to make a positive change. With AroFlo, you'll have all the training and guidance needed to master our software and begin integrating it into your workflows right away.
Don't settle for a solution that's 'applicable' to the many and varied electrical industry needs. Get the electrical service software that's proven to help trade business owners thrive.

Create 100% accurate estimates with complete confidence

It's time to start creating estimates with data, not guesses. AroFlo's broad range of estimating tools can help your business enforce a strict rule of 100% accurate estimates without compromise. Our software supports your business from the moment you arrive on-site with the prospect of a job on the horizon. Pull line items directly from your inventory and quick yet detailed estimates using exact prices, then dispatch your newly created quote directly to a client from within AroFlo. There's no tabbing between apps to create accurate estimates when you use our software. Everything is contained within one web browser and accessible without the need to log in more than once.
If additional estimating functionality is needed for your business, consider integrating our electrical service software with the number one takeoff software for electrical businesses, Groundplan.

Real-time syncing across every device using AroFlo

AroFlo moves with you, no matter how far you need to travel from your home base for a job. We're entirely based in the cloud, meaning you can cover all your business admin, from service management to project management, on any device. Open a web browser, log in to AroFlo on your mobile, laptop or tablet, and you'll have access to your entire suite of business management tools, no downloads necessary.AroFlo's real-time updates also keep everyone using AroFlo up to date with what the rest of the team is doing. Enable event messages on scheduled jobs and watch as your selected team members receive an automatic notification when the details on their next job change. Your office staff will also love AroFlo's always-online capabilities. Any changes to job information are instantly synced across every device using AroFlo, meaning no double handling of information and less time spent chasing up lost documents.

On-the-spot quoting options

AroFlo's extensive suite of tools makes it the perfect companion for all your field service management needs. Creating detailed quotes on demand should be doable without a trip back to the office. With our electrical job management software at work in your business, you can quote in the field in less time than it takes to make a cuppa. There's no need to call in and let your team know there's a new job on the way. AroFlo is a cloud-based solution, so any changes you make to your job management software are instantly updated across all devices.There's no need to worry about lugging a laptop to the site, either. Being an entirely cloud-based electrical job management software also makes AroFlo great for field-focused businesses. AroFlo is usable on any computer, tablet or mobile device, allowing you to take your office on the road and create everything from quotes to invoices while on-site in no time at all.

Manage staff and assets side-by-side

Efficient job scheduling is core to a functional and successful electrical business. AroFlo's electrical job management software takes running work manually with job cards and brings it into the 21st century. Our digital job scheduling solution is the same process you've always run, just without the manual data entry and double-handling that keeps you at a desk rather than out in the field completing work.
Create a job, add details, assign a technician and watch as our field service management system pushes the information directly to AroFlo's full calendar scheduling system. If you need to change the roster at the last minute, just drag the job to another technician, and AroFlo will update all the details automatically.
Assets like tools and machinery can be scheduled just like technicians in our electrician service software. So you'll always know where your assets are heading on any given day and who has responsibility for them.

Access, acquire and utilise inventory from anywhere

The days of compromising on inventory are over! Carrying around large amounts of parts and materials to cover your bases is time-consuming and puts your work vehicles at risk of theft.
AroFlo's inventory management software gives you access to your entire inventory in the palm of your hand. Create jobs, quotes and invoices using inventory information drawn directly from your system, meaning no mistakes and no running short on parts when you least expect it.AroFlo's inventory framework also includes a bundle of other great functionality to help you keep parts and materials handy with minimal upkeep. Set low stock alerts on items in your inventory and get a notification when you're running low, then pull the line items directly into a purchase order and ensure you'll never get the wrong materials again.

A wealth of connections with leading suppliers

Sourcing material manually adds unnecessary admin to your day and can cut into your billable hours quicker than you'd expect. AroFlo's field service management solution takes your material acquisition process and removes the hard graft, letting you shift the tedious parts of ordering materials to our system instead of your plate. Purchasing material in AroFlo is a step above your current process. Pick up the parts you need for a job, then get on with a quick AroFlo import that drops the supplier invoice directly into your electrical job management software. AroFlo will even pull line items from the invoice directly into a purchase order, saving you lots of time you can use to get a head start on the next job of the day.
If that isn't fast enough, take advantage of AroFlo's incredible Supplier Connect feature. Reece Group and Rexel Group customers can send purchase orders directly to their chosen supplier's order system, eliminating the need for order emails and circumventing the chance of costly errors resulting from manual data entry. Supplier Connect is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to order items based on either branch quotes or individual parts lists saved in your supplier account. Now you can shop for parts from local suppliers using the same deals and pricing agreements you'd enjoy if you'd shopped over the phone or in person, but it's faster and more efficient with AroFlo.


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AroFlo's leading electrician service software gives you direct access to every supplier under the Rexel family banner through our Supplier Connect functionality. Buy materials directly from AroFlo's field service management interface and save time on every job.


Finding a feature-complete electrical accounting software is tough, but with AroFlo's Xero connection, you'll have access to industry-leading accounting software that integrates directly with your job management system. Say hello to beautiful business and goodbye to double-handling financial documents forever.


Delayed payments can and will affect your bottom line. Connect AroFlo's electrical job management software with Stripe's payment gateway and see how easy it is to get paid on time. Insert Pay Now links directly into invoices and enjoy a truly functional cash flow system.


With full access to every catalogue under the MMEM banner, you'll wonder how you managed to run your electrical business without AroFlo. Browse each catalogue from within AroFlo and create 100% accurate purchase orders using part numbers shared between your system and MMEM's catalogues.


Don't pick up the phone; send a text in half the time with AroFlo's MessageMedia integration. Perfect for everything from field service management to project management, our SMS integration lets you dispatch notifications, alerts and updates directly to clients and technicians, all from within AroFlo.


Takeoffs are part and parcel of your daily work, so give yourself a big leg up on your next takeoff with AroFlo's Groundplan integration. Measure up jobs on your device, then fit in parts and materials using info drawn directly from AroFlo's electrician software for complete accuracy.


Why Electricians choose AroFlo

Owning a successful electrical business should grow and fund your life, not consume it. If you're spending more time filling out forms and filing job documentation, you need electrical job management software like AroFlo.Our job management and field service software covers all your bases for running a better and more efficient electrical business.

Take your existing quoting, invoicing, scheduling, accounts and admin processes, then add the efficiency of running your entire business from one digital interface rather than dozens of pieces of paper.AroFlo adapts to your business needs; simply pick the features and functionality you need to get the job done and leave the rest for when you need them.

Our software is also extremely flexible, allowing you to apply our software tools directly to your core operational processes without compromising the rest of your business workflows.

We're also suitable for businesses of all sizes, so whether you're going alone as a sole trader or running a complex multi-site business, AroFlo's electrical job management software is for you.


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