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Get more done on-site with AroFlo's field service management software.

We've designed our software for even the most complex field service operations. AroFlo is fully customisable, letting you pick and choose what features suit your specific workflows. You're also backed by our Australian-based customer support and training team, so no matter your field service industry, we have the insights and the expertise to help you get AroFlo integrated quickly.

🚘 easy automation

Our software + your business = field service greatness.

AroFlo layers over your existing systems, providing digital replacements to the processes you already know, coupled with the added automation and efficiency of online connectivity. We understand that your field service operations are unique. That's why we've built our software to cover the entire scope of your professional work.

Pick and choose the features you use

AroFlo is 100% customisable, so you and your team can refine how our field service software slots into your business. If you need additional features down the track, our friendly Australian-based customer service and support team can help you unlock the power of additional functionality at no extra cost.

Give your team the tools they need to thrive

In the field or back at the office, AroFlo is a field service management software that supports the work of owners, managers, support staff and technicians alike. Our software makes handling logistics like managing your team and scheduling work an absolute breeze, even if you're far away from home base.

⏰ simplify processes

Drive up profits, drive down admin.

Lots of small tasks get in the way of getting the job done and being paid, but AroFlo can take care of them for you. Our field-focused job management software adapts to your business needs and eliminates inefficiency by automating the parts of your work that waste time.

Deliver instant quotes on site

Waiting until you're back at the office to quote wastes precious time and can put you at risk of losing a client. AroFlo is the solution that bridges the gap between your office and field operations. Create detailed quotes on site with accurate price estimations drawn from data stored by our job management system. That means 100% accurate quotes, delivered right when your customer is most likely to accept.

Generate OHS checklists and JSAs on demand

Filling out safety documentation is much easier with AroFlo's field service management software. Raise forms on-site using saved templates, then complete them with a couple of button taps rather than minutes spent with a pen and paper.

Raise invoices and take payment in the field

Don't wait days or weeks to get paid for your work. AroFlo integrates with several payment gateway providers, such as Stripe and Square, letting you invoice and take payment for services right after you complete a job.

🛞 smooth operations

Streamline your field operations.

What happens in the field only runs smoothly if your office operations are streamlined and working at their best. AroFlo's field service software gives your support staff the tools they need to thrive, no matter how many jobs you've got on the go at once.

Keep your technicians and your clients up to date

AroFlo's field service management software integrates with several leading SMS gateway providers. Instead of calling technicians or clients to update them on a job, send them an SMS in half the time and ensure they have all the details they need whenever they need them.

Order from live supplier catalogues

Getting the parts you need for a job is much easier with AroFlo. Decide on the necessary materials for a job, then match individual line items to products stored within AroFlo's supplier catalogue index. You can even dispatch purchase orders from within AroFlo, meaning no time-consuming phone calls to your local branch to organise the necessary parts.

Digital timesheets with no double handling

Tracking employee hours is easy with AroFlo. Our digital timesheets pull hours directly from stored job timer and calendar information, ensuring 100% payroll accuracy.

📍 gps tracking

Track technicians and assets with GPS connectivity.

AroFlo is fully GPS-enabled, meaning you can track tools, technicians, fleet vehicles and assets without needing additional software.

Keep an eye on expensive assets from anywhere

If you need to leave expensive assets on site, you need AroFlo's asset-tracking functionality. Simply attach a GPS device to anything from a toolbox to a portable toilet and instantly start tracking its every movement. You can even set up Geofences that alert you if an asset moves outside a defined area, so you'll know immediately if something goes missing.

Manage contractors with GPS timesheets

At the heart of good business operations is the ability to manage jobs and track employee time with 100% accuracy. AroFlo's GPS tracking allows your field team to log their timesheets using tracking information generated while they go about their day. Now, you'll have the exact hours to refer back to if there's a discrepancy during payroll, and it won't cost your team any extra time to log their hours in the field.

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Streamline employee processes with mandatory forms

Safety and compliance are core to effective business operations, but nobody likes filling out lengthy forms whenever they arrive on site. AroFlo streamlines the safety and compliance process by allowing you to build and implement your OHS forms and JSAs from within our field service software. Now when you need to fill out documentation, it takes seconds rather than minutes, and you can get back to the task at hand as quickly as possible.
Need to make sure your field team are staying compliant on-site? Set a form as mandatory, and they'll need to fill it out before they can start a job within AroFlo.

Simplify complex job planning

Don't let the logistics of your field service operations drag you down. AroFlo comes stocked with all the tools you need to cut down on the tasks surrounding every job, letting you focus on the ultimate goal of completing more work. Create a job from anywhere, add labour and materials using information pulled directly from your AroFlo system and assign technicians to the job in no time.
Need to take your job planning a step further? AroFlo's comprehensive project management tools make it easy to run logistics on even the biggest jobs. Assign milestones and dependencies to individual projects and master your industry with field service management solutions that reduce lead-in time and decrease admin, all while growing your business.

Keep your office operations on track from the field

Keeping an eye on your office operations while you're busy getting jobs done in the field can be hard. AroFlo puts the power of operational efficiency in the hands of your office team and gives you the ability to support your team at home, no matter where you currently are.
This is made possible because AroFlo isn't just a field service management app; it's a comprehensive system that links your field operations to your office through the power of cloud connectivity. Any information created in the field is fed back to your team in the office. This means that no matter what's on the go, your office team will have all the information they need to operate effectively and push through more jobs from quote to completion each week. AroFlo saves your office team a lot of time in between jobs as well. Features like automated timesheets, work order email imports, and accounting package integrations cut down job lead-in times and free up your office staff to focus on more important tasks.

Accurately cost jobs from anywhere

Can you say with 100% accuracy whether your next job will come in at a profit or a loss? If you can't, or if there are too many jobs in the pipeline to spend that extra time calculating individual job profitability, then you need AroFlo's.
Imagine a world where you can say with certainty that every job you've taken recently is a profitable one. With AroFlo's job costing system, you can track all job-related costs and create accurate and profitable quotes without worrying about missing key expense items. If you're interested in tracking historic job costings to refine your profitability further, you'll be happy to hear that AroFlo's field service management solutions also include a comprehensive reporting suite. Generate reports on stage-specific costs and employee overheads and compare them to your current processes to refine your job costing and get more bang for your hard work on every job.

Scale up your periodic servicing

If recurring work is your bread and butter, AroFlo is the perfect fit for your business. Start by setting up a routine job, then watch as AroFlo books the recurring task in at predefined intervals such as weekly, monthly or yearly. When the next interval rolls around, you'll find AroFlo has already added the job to your outstanding task list, so you can get on with work rather than sifting through old paperwork looking for the details.

Access comprehensive client data on the go

AroFlo isn't a field service management app; it's a comprehensive system that stores all the data you create while completing work and growing your business. Need to know who your most profitable recurring customers are? AroFlo's reporting system can tell you. Along with anything else you need to know about the current state of your business.


Our popular job management integrations

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Take control of when and how you get paid with AroFlo's field service software and Stripe's digital payment gateway options. Stripe makes it easy for customers to pay as soon as a job is done, with intuitive features such as 'Pay Now' links on templated digital invoices within AroFlo.


Connect AroFlo with Xero's beautiful accounting software and take your field service operations to the next level. By automating syncing of accounting information, payroll and other core financials across both systems, you can say goodbye to double-handling forever.


AroFlo's field service software integrates with leading takeoff software Groundplan, and it's 100% free to connect your existing Groundplan account to AroFlo. Measure up on screen, then add materials and parts pulled directly from your AroFlo system to create completely accurate plans and estimates all in one place.


Place orders directly from your field service software with AroFlo's integration with Reece and Reece NZ. Create purchase orders using Reece's online catalogue, then dispatch them to your nearest Reece supplier, all from within AroFlo.


AroFlo's Rexel integration helps you get the best quality electrical parts at the best possible prices. Browse Rexel's online catalogue from within AroFlo, then create, raise and dispatch a purchase order in seconds.


Keeping in touch with your clients and your technicians is easy when you integrate AroFlo with MessageMedia's SMS service. Create and dispatch alerts and notifications based on a range of events within AroFlo, keeping your team and your customers up to date without the need to pick up the phone.


Built for tradies, by tradies.

If exceptional field service is your professional focus, you need exceptional field service software to help get the job done right.

AroFlo is the software the field service industry has been waiting for: a full-featured job management platform that puts your entire operation in the palm of your hand. Whether you're on site or back at home base, AroFlo can streamline all your day-to-day business admin while you focus on the work that makes you money.

Field service professionals love AroFlo because it's built specifically for trade businesses. That means all the features you need are in one place and not lost amongst irrelevant functionality that doesn't fit the scope of your business.

Our field service software is also built to scale, so no matter the size of your current operation, you'll always have room to grow with AroFlo.

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