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what is aroconnect?

Hook up to your Contractor Network

AroConnect is AroFlo's newest feature that gives you the power to send and receive work orders between other AroFlo businesses. Manage all of your contractor relationships, seamlessly inside your AroFlo site.


Get Started with AroConnect

Login to your AroFlo account, head to your Site Administration and select AroConnect. It's that easy!

work orders made easy
How does AroConnect help my trade business?
If you contract out work to subbies ...

AroConnect gives you the ability to issue & reconcile work orders, share important documents, plus receive bills for the work without leaving your AroFlo system. It's a time saver and efficiency booster!

If you're a subcontractor who receives work orders ...

AroConnect makes it easier to receive work orders, clarify job requirements, convert them to jobs and invoice head contractors without leaving your AroFlo system. It cuts admin & helps you get paid quicker!


How AroConnect works

AroConnect allows a head contractor to generate a work order within AroFlo & send it directly to a selected subcontractor. Once accepted by the subcontractor, the work order becomes a separate task inside the head contractor’s AroFlo site, containing all of the important job details. As the job is completed, task details are transmitted back to the central work order held by the head contractor. Time-wasting emails and manual data entry are now a thing of the past. Billing is handled seamlessly within AroFlo. No mess, no fuss!

Head Contractor

Creates a work order in AroFlo and sends it to their selected subcontractor.


The work order is received in the subcontractor's own AroFlo system.

Work Order Status

The subcontractor can...
👍🏻 Accept the Work Order
👎🏻 Decline the Work Order or;
✋🏼 Request more information from the contractor to help with their decision.

Acceptance & Job Creation

Once the Work Order is accepted by the subcontractor, a task (or job) is auto-generated in their AroFlo system. If any queries crop up during the job,  AroConnect's Q&A function allows for easy online communications between the two parties.

Job Completed

One the job has been completed, the subcontractor raises an invoice for the work in AroFlo.

Invoice & Payment

The subcontractor's bill is linked to the head contractor's work order in AroFlo, where it can be actioned for payment as outlined in the agreement terms.

✅ Job complete!


How AroConnect improves Work Order Efficiency

AroConnect | Work Order Sent
If you contract work out to subbies
  • Quickly and easily send work requests to specific contractors, along with job details, expected cost and important documents, eliminating the need for time-wasting emails and phone calls.
  • View work order status updates in real-time within AroFlo.
  • Capture the signed acceptance of a work order scope from a contractor within AroFlo.
  • Help clarify job requirements with the contractor by using the interactive Q&A section.
  • Reduce the time-consuming data entry of subcontractor bills.
If you're a subcontractor receiving work orders
  • Receive work order requests, along with important job details & documents, all within your AroFlo system.
  • Accept or decline the work order from within AroFlo.
  • Once accepted, the work order auto-generates a task within AroFlo.
  • Use the interactive Q&A section of AroConnect to ask the head contractor questions about the job.
  • Once the job is complete, instantly create an invoice that transmits to the head contractor’s AroFlo system.
  • Eliminate the time-wasting emails and data entry that usually go hand in hand with receiving work orders.
AroConnect | Work Order received

Get Started with AroConnect

Login to your AroFlo account, head to your Site Administration and select AroConnect. It's that easy!

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