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Super smart timesheets

Track all labour & billable hours, straight from your mobile device.


Tracking time in the field just got easier.

Paper timesheets are a thing of the past. Record labour on the go, directly onto the digital job card, with your mobile device.Your field team can simply track their time on the job from their phone or device, and the data flows through to their timesheet.

Trusted by some of Australia's best businesses

Advanced vehicle, asset& fleet tracking technology

Let AroFlo calculate the costs for you

Are you too busy to fill in timesheets and find yourself catching up on paperwork in your spare time? It’s time to get on top of your billable hours with AroFlo.

Simply setup your standard labour rates, overheads and margins, and AroFlo will apply these conditions and calculate the costs for you.

Labour rates – normal time, double time, apprentice rates, or whatever you needOverheads – travel time, site allowance, admin work, and so onMargin % – set your markups and margins.

Timesheet entries from GPS data

Your field team can simply track their time on the job from their phone or device, and the data flows through to their timesheet.

The Job Timer lets the team track their time with a simple tap of the Start and Stop button on their phone, or record labour at the end of each job manually.

Time entries from GPS data. GPS tracking can help you automate timesheet entries throughout the day.

Monitor, adjust and report from the office.

Your office staff can see labour entries in real time and can easily check and amend any details they need to before finalising the pay run. No more chasing up paper timesheets or rummaging through job cards. With AroFlo, all your business data is at your fingertips.


Accurate labour time leading to increases in profits

Block Billing

You can set up AroFlo to charge labour in blocks of 5, 6, 10, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.Example: If you have block billing set to 15 minutes and your technician is on site for 8 minutes, your client will be charged for 15 minutes.

Client-Specific Rates

Every job is unique, and so is every client. AroFlo lets you set up client-specific rates that will automatically override your default rates.Example: You often do work for a local charity and you offer them a 10% discount on labour.

Manage complex project timesheets

It’s all too easy to lose track of labour booked to a project. AroFlo’s project management software lets you track labour costs across multiple jobs linked to a project, giving you full control over your project costs.

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Full suite of features

Explore the full suite of AroFlo features & modules

Job capture

Capture new jobs on-demand. Conveniently book them in or carry out the work straight away.

Work order imports

Easily get your customers to email work directly into AroFlo as a new job.

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Efficiently quote jobs and send professional looking estimates with accurate pricing.

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Easily capture maintenance contracts with all their assets and requirements.

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Real-time job scheduling in one simple view that updates your team as things change.

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Crew visibility

Manage your entire business calendar which shows your entire fleet and their availability.

Customer updates

Timely customer updates reminding them of upcoming jobs or when you are on the way.

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Quality control

Ensure your team are ticking the right boxes on every job.

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Automate timesheets

Timesheets made simple. Chasing up staff timesheets is a thing of the past.

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Required forms

Ensure your team always arrive with all the  required forms and compliance.

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Progress updates

Bridge the gap between office and field with transparent job statuses and progress.

Recurring job templates

Automatically generate your regular jobs at the frequency you decide.

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Request for quotes

Get the best price for materials and sort labour faster for every job.

Automated purchase orders

Chasing receipts and matching the orders to the correct job is a thing of the past.

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Job costings

Easy job costing technology, always giving you accurate profit margins.

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Trade CRM

CRM technology so you can communicate to all your customers and provide updates.

GANTT planning

See your entire project at a glance and manage due dates and resources.

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Track & manage assets

Store all of your customer asset details and keep on top of recurring services.

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Field Payments

Provide seamless payment options for your customers on the go.

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Online Invoices

A slick view for customers to simply view and pay invoices.

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Job costings

Accurate profit and loss against every job to ensure you never undercharge again. 

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Send all your purchases and invoices to your accounting package in one click for reconciliation.

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Easily send all employee timesheets and overheads to your favourite accounting package.

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Progress Payments

Invoicing that suits  you. Collate invoices together or collect progress payments.

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The pinnacle of visibility. Complete and detailed views of your business health.

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Work order technology

Your regular customers email job requests directly into your AroFlo ready to be actioned.

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Faster and more accurate estimates. Give your customers a price and don't keep them waiting.

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Schedule of rates

Keep things simple, with a list of all of the services you provide with their fixed rates.

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Supplier Connect

Connect  with your favourite suppliers, view products and send orders directly to their system.

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GPS Tracking

A fully-featured GPS tracking solution for complete visibility and automation.

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"We couldn’t have grown from just me to having a 40-strong team if it wasn’t for AroFlo."

30 second invoices
No lost billable hours

For a business that started on paper, AroFlo has helped Alpha Cool transform into a streamlined, efficient organisation that now dominates the Northern Queensland market.

"We did look at another program, but AroFlo seemed more intuitive and more customisable"

Next day invoicing
More billable hours
100% paperless

Back at the office, staff benefit from enhanced cost management and quicker invoicing, meaning more billable hours and more cash flow for the business. Overall, the changes brought on by making the switch to AroFlo have enabled Reed Plumbing and Drainage to finally focus entirely on planning their future, rather than worrying about managing the present.

"We don’t know how we ever used any other system"

100% growth in team size
Significant paperwork reduction

With staff productivity now at an all-time high, the business enjoys increased billable hours, decreased paperwork and 100% software uptake across the entire business, all thanks to AroFlo’s easy-to-use suite of job management tools.

Connect to all the tools you love ❤️

We directly integrate with many of the tools you use every day, including accounting software, payment gateways and more. But, you can connect almost any business software to AroFlo using our API and Zapier integrations.

Plug into smart supplier catalogues.

To help you keep track of your material costs, we’ve teamed up with leading industry suppliers via our online supplier catalogue integrations.

View integrations

Discover how we can help your trade business grow.

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