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A next-level estimating software that helps you produce more quotes and win more work.

Quoting & Estimating Features
😊 Customer Experience
Optimise your customer relationships with loyalty customer rates, client-specific layouts, client portals and reminders.
🗒 Client Templates
For your clients that need more tailored information, set them their own custom layout showing them the information they need.
👆🏼 Online Acceptance
Send and accept quotes online, allowing your customers to ask questions with our online quotes functionality.
🔗 Integrated Suppliers
Select from a range of your favourite suppliers, and your live prices are easily selected and included in your quotes.
💲 Quote CRM
AroFlo's powerful Quote CRM strengthens your customers' experience. With client rates, deposit collection, client histories, custom forms, automated sms and emails and custom statuses.
🛠 Rates & Materials
Group together materials into one easy item to display in your quotes. Or, simply have one charge rate for regular works that you perform.
✍🏼 Customer Signatures
Capture electronic signatures from your customers to lock in their agreement. Storing their signature in AroFlo forever, for added security.
ℹ️ Inbound Enquiries
Website forms, emails or Zapier data > sent straight into AroFlo ready to be contacted. Smart lead management.
All features are available in AroFlo's premium software. For a more simple job management software refer to our AroFloGo product.
Reduce your systems & remove inefficiencies

Consolidate your systems, without compromising functionality.Our smart quoting and lead management software takes double-entry out of the equation. AroFlo consolidates all of the systems that you currently use to quote and keeps the information in one centralised place that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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Reduce mystery margins and underquoting

Efficiently send quotes from the office or the field and customise your AroFlo Inventory to suit the way you price. Get full visibility over your margins with customisation at your finger tips.

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Reed Plumbing & Draining Testimonial
"We did look at another program, but AroFlo seemed more intuitive and more customisable"
Back at the office, staff benefit from enhanced cost management and quicker invoicing, meaning more billable hours and more cash flow for the business. Overall, the changes brought on by making the switch to AroFlo have enabled Reed Plumbing and Drainage to finally focus entirely on planning their future, rather than worrying about managing the present.
#nextdayinvoicing #morebillablehours #fullypaperless
Jon Reed
Director | Reed Plumbing & Drainage | reedplumbingsolutions.com.au
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