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Make estimating jobs a breeze with AroFlo's estimator software.

A next-level estimating software that helps you produce more quotes and win more work.

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Grow your business with a powerful job estimating tool.

More jobs mean more profit, and AroFlo is one of the best estimating software options for winning more work every single week. Estimating jobs and creating quotes in the field is quick and easy, just enter all the job details, dispatch the quote and get acceptance while you're in the field. AroFlo keeps jobs from falling through the net by allowing you to do all the tasks leading up to landing a job without giving customers time to cool off or shop around. If you need a tested method for scaling your job capacity, then the best place to start is by estimating more jobs and winning more work with AroFlo.

Every stage of your estimating process in one place.

AroFlo's estimator software condenses your entire quoting and estimating process into one software platform. Push job data between quotes, purchase orders, invoices and other core job documents in seconds, then dispatch the details to a client via email without ever leaving AroFlo. Our software also syncs in real-time, so you can estimate a job, gain client acceptance on a quote and rest easy as all that job information is automatically sent back to your team in the office the moment you hit save.

Take efficient job estimating to the next level with AroFlo Assemblies.

AroFlo's Assemblies feature lets you get the most out of our estimator software by eliminating the tedious process of gathering everything you need to create an accurate estimate from scratch. If you quote on the same types of work often, you can create an Assembly which lists all the items used in a common quote. Assemblies contain set material quantities and even custom costs or sell pricing on individual items as necessary. You can even add labour to AroFlo's Assemblies, allowing you to lock in every aspect of a quote on the spot and reap the rewards of increased efficiency with our estimating software.


Estimate with complete confidence in your profitability.

Your bottom line is important, and the best way to support it is with an estimator software like AroFlo. Our system takes the guesswork out of creating accurate quotes and detailed estimates in the field. All the information you need to plan a job is stored in your system and accessible from anywhere.
Just enter the details, pull labour and materials from stored data, and you're ready to go. There's no need to worry about your office staff missing the memo on new work either. AroFlo syncs in real-time using cloud connectivity, so your team back at home base will instantly have all the information about incoming work without the need to waste time calling in and asking for the details.

Estimating software that's as mobile as you.

AroFlo is usable on any device and accessible from anywhere, meaning you don't need to sit in front of a desk to run your day-to-day operations. Simply log in to AroFlo using your preferred mobile or tablet device, and you're ready to go. Because AroFlo is web-based, you can even swap devices on the fly with no downtime. No need to dip back to the work van to grab your laptop. Just pull out your phone and start using AroFlo in the palm of your hand.

Keep accountability high with individual logins

Sharing the same estimating software with your staff isn't ideal, especially if your business quotes on a lot of work throughout each week. AroFlo supports individual logins and multiple user types, giving you the power to decide who gets to see what and how much control your team have over the estimates they create. Separate senior staff from apprentices and create specific user settings for each in no time at all, eliminating the possibility of inaccurate estimates with no creator to trace the mistake back to.


A feature-complete construction estimator software.

Choosing construction estimating software shouldn't be a hassle, and with AroFlo's wealth of construction estimating tools at your side, you'll know you've made the right choice. Creating cost estimates with AroFlo is quick and easy, just plug in the essential details and let your estimating software do the rest with data pulled from stored information and even previous jobs you've done for the client. If you need an estimating tool that actively cuts wasted time out of your construction quotes, you need AroFlo.

Build for success with AroFlo's estimating software

Aspirational, forward-thinking construction experts love AroFlo, and it's easy to see why. A lot of software options are built for a purpose and quickly need to be updated as your operations expand. Instead, our construction estimator software helps your business thrive in the moment without boxing you in and cutting off your chance to grow in future. With dozens of features that scale alongside your business, you'll wonder how you ever grew your business before relying on AroFlo to keep things ticking along in the background.

The building estimator software that's perfect for contractors

Working with contractors is part and parcel of being a builder, so make it easier by choosing construction estimating software like AroFlo. With special user permissions made just for contractors and subcontractors, you can easily limit how much access your subbies have to your system at any time. You can even schedule contractors just like you would your employees, giving you complete visibility over your workforce regardless of whether they're temporary or not.

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Increase profitability with efficient estimating software

AroFlo's cutting-edge estimating tool helps the rest of your business run more efficiently. With 100% accurate estimates and data about every job moving through your business, you can start to use your estimating software to refine your operations and grow your success. Push estimates through to quoting with no need to double-handle the information. Then when the quote is accepted, it's just as easy to take the details and create a job in AroFlo. By linking up every process after cost estimating, your business will run more effectively, and you'll know exactly how your bottom line is looking down to the individual dollar. Need to take your business efficiency a step further? Create detailed reports using your estimating data and get actionable information you can use to take things to the next level.

Scale up your operations with an incredible estimating tool

Completing more estimates and quoting on more jobs gives your business more opportunities to bring in profitable work each week. But more jobs shouldn't mean more admin work, which is why AroFlo is the best construction estimating software for scaling up your operations without adding any extra work to your plate. Creating estimates in AroFlo is easy and painless, with the ability to pull data from your wider cost estimating system to fill in the gaps and get a quote off to the client faster than ever. If you rely on your team to create detailed estimates in the field, then give them a powerful estimating tool they can depend on. Our estimator software gives you all the utility of an extra pair of hands without hiring extra staff or spreading your current resources too thin. With AroFlo by your side, you can grow without fear and rest easy, knowing you'll never miss out on an opportunity to bring in extra work with 100% accurate estimates.

Estimating software for every business size

AroFlo is one of the best construction estimating software options because it grows with you and your business. Pick and choose the features you need to run your business in the moment, then when you're ready to upscale, just add any additional features to your workflow, and you're ready to go. Every piece of functionality under AroFlo's estimating software banner is available for use the moment you sign up, making it easy to build a construction estimating solution that's tailored to your exact business needs. But the best part of AroFlo's detailed estimates and efficient quotes is that they free up more time for you to focus on running your business. Now instead of hiring new staff and taking the hit on paying extra wages, AroFlo can fill the role of several office and field staff and keep a rapidly expanding business moving forward without fear of overextending.

Access all your client data the second you need it

Building quality connections with clients is just as important as getting your construction estimating right. AroFlo's construction estimator software isn't just an app that helps you create quotes. It's a comprehensive system that logs every bit of data your business creates, whether you're creating cost estimates or a final invoice after a job well done. With complete access to every job and every client it was attached to, you can take your construction estimating to the next level. Backed by processes and procedures built from data, not speculation, AroFlo's building estimator software combines an efficient system with tools you can use to action change and grow your business success.

Simplify complex estimates with software, not stress

Upscaling your operations and taking on more complex jobs means creating more complex estimates, right? AroFlo's building estimator software gives you another option, scale your business and take on complex estimates using software, not more hard work. Cost estimates created in our software are more accurate and faster to produce than manual methods, aided by the ability to pull data directly from your job management system. Simply create an estimate, add labour and materials, and then let our system calculate the rest before pushing off a finished quote to your client in five minutes rather than thirty.Need to take things further? AroFlo's comprehensive suite of project management tools are ready to assist your business in running complex projects built on the back of complex estimates.

View your entire inventory while making detailed estimates

Putting through successful estimates requires you to have a complete understanding of your business inventory. Once upon a time, that meant cost estimating with approximations, but AroFlo can help you create detailed estimates and quotes with 100% visibility of your entire inventory system. Manage stock levels, organise materials and track purchase orders, all while creating detailed estimates with parts pulled directly from your digital inventory. Don't worry about running out of material on the go, either. AroFlo's construction estimator software syncs in real-time with low stock alerts as standard. So you'll always know if it's time to put through a purchase order after creating an estimate.


Our popular job management integrations

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Take the hassle out of ordering plumbing parts with AroFlo's Reece integration. Browse Reece's entire catalogue and place orders without leaving our job management software. If you're looking for the best construction estimating software for plumbing contractors, then look no further.


Beautiful accounting meets functional estimating software with AroFlo's Xero integration. Eliminate double-handling by allowing your team to push financial data directly from your job management software to your accounting system in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.


We're proud to be partnered with leading electrical supplier Rexel in helping tradespeople get the parts they need faster than ever before. Get access to Rexel's entire product catalogue inside your estimating software. Save time and save stress by placing orders and dispatching purchase orders without ever having to leave your job management system.


Actrol helps HVAC professionals get the parts they need when they need them, and AroFlo's Actrol integration gives you access to their entire catalogue from within our estimating software. Save time, get the parts you need and get back to the job at hand.


Communication keeps your team and your customers connected, but without a proper solution, you could be stuck picking up the phone instead of completing work. AroFlo's MessageMedia integration gives you the power of SMS communications from within AroFlo's construction estimator software. Dispatch updates, notifications and job details in seconds rather than wasting time making a call.


Make construction estimating a breeze with AroFlo's Groundplan integration. As an industry-leading takeoff software, Groundplan helps contractors and construction experts create 100% accurate estimates in no time at all. Pull materials and parts right from AroFlo and get your quotes off today, not when you get a chance.


Why Builders and Estimators Choose AroFlo

Operating successfully as a builder means putting yourself out there and taking every opportunity you can to bring in profitable jobs. AroFlo is the secret weapon of savvy tradespeople and builders, packed with a wealth of tools that help you smooth your operations and spend more time focusing on growth and success.
We're the best construction estimating software for small-to-medium-sized trade businesses who've reached the limit of what their current system can provide, and we're confident that our cost estimating software will help you take the next big step toward success.Our estimating software moulds to your exact business structure, augmenting the tasks you complete every day while also opening doors to digital workflows and more efficient ways of running your business.
If you're concerned about jumping over to something new, don't be. We get that bringing new technology into a trade business can be a huge change, especially if you've always run your business using pen and paper. But rest assured that our estimating software is as easy to learn as it is to use, with industry-standard terms and definitions you've been using your entire professional life.
Our software is also built to scale, so you'll always have a clear idea of what your business looks like today and what kind of success you can chase tomorrow.
If you're still not convinced, book a demo and let us show you what your business can do with an estimating tool like AroFlo.


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