AroFlo job management and tracking software

AroFlo provides a number of features that assist management with their day to day operations and provide a centralised web based interface for tracking works, helping to improve productivity.

Easy to Use

AroFlo allows you to schedule field technicians through an easy to use web interface that gives you views of all your resources or individual technicians. Providing you with a tool that allows you to schedule work weeks in advance ensure you never get caught forgetting a task again.

Integrated Timesheet

AroFlo provides a time entry interface that allows time to be booked out directly against a task or on to a timesheet. The time booked out against tasks is reflected in a weekly statement ensuring labour costs have been allocated correctly and keeping greater control over resource allocation. This feature has also improved company’s profitability through better tracking of variations and increased billable hours.

PDA Software

With AroFlo, once tasks have been scheduled, field technician’s can view task lists by order of priority, last created or by scheduled date making them easy to find.

It is also possible for field technicians to schedule work from site via their Handheld PDA or laptop.

Periodic Tasks / Programmed Maintenance

The AroFlo Job Management & Tracking software solution supports the tracking of periodic maintenance. Tasks are generated on their due date and stay in the list of current tasks until they are closed off. This ensures that tasks do not get missed and historic information on works performed is readily available.