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Common GO! questions

What's the difference between AroFlo GO! and AroFlo CORE

AroFlo GO is ideal for simple service and installation workflows. Businesses who need basic job management tools to quote, schedule, manage timesheets, materials, invoicing and payments can start their journey on AroFlo GO and when they need advanced tools to manage assets, compliance/safety forms, maintenance, projects and more; they can upgrade.

What if I want to upgrade?

The beauty of starting with AroFlo GO, is knowing you can upgrade to AroFlo's CORE platform when you're ready. No switching systems, keep all of your data. Contact our support team to request your upgrade.

Can I have a free trial?

Of course! You have 30 days to try AroFloGO. Click here to request a trial. We don't offer a free trial for AroFlo's CORE product however.

Are there any setup costs?

For AroFlo GO you can start without setup costs. Many customers still choose to pay for additional training or implementation help, as getting the platform setup can take some time if you're new to job management software.

How long does it take to setup?

It depends on you. Some customers can be up and running in a few days, even if that means scheduling jobs, quoting and invoicing. Inventory, accounting, payments, templates and other features may take more time to put in place. We suggest getting your top 2-3 priorities setup first, and then tackle the rest of the platform in small bites.

How difficult is AroFlo GO to use?

You'll need to familiarise yourself before you become efficient at using the platform. Unlike many app-based tools, AroFlo GO is the foundation of your business's systems, it's not something you just add to the pile.

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Do you and your partner run your business? Save time on paperwork and spend more time enjoying life.

Breaking out on your own.

You're starting your own business and you've sworn you're going to be more organised than your old boss.

Adding your first new hire.

Your apprentice is about to start running their own jobs. You'll need to schedule their work and track their time.

Mobile by day.  PC at night.

Schedule on your PC in the morning or the night before. Complete digital job cards on your mobile during the day.