Document storage

AroFlo’s integrated document storage option allows you to store any type of files. Common documents that can be stored are photos or other images, plans, diagrams and drawings.

You have the flexibility to upload, search, view and email documents or photos from either the office or the field. Super fast and super simple.

Document storage can minimise client disputes providing transparent records of completed work. Staff can also present their certifications on-site, verifying their qualifications in an instant.

Document options

AroFlo offers easy options for storing your documents. Files can be accessed from a common document directory or you can store files directly on a job.

Documents and photos can be uploaded to the following areas of AroFlo:

  • Document Directory – store general information in one central repository for all users to access
  • Tasks – job related documents and photos can be uploaded directly to a task
  • Assets – you can upload files and photos within your asset registers. The documents can relate to assets assigned to either the client or your own business.
  • Inventory – documents such as product photos, specification sheets and installation guides can be uploaded within your inventory management.
  • Expenses – supporting documents such as receipts can be uploaded against individual expense items
  • Users – you can assign certifications, qualification and identity documents to users for easy staff verification
  • Client – add documents that relate to specific clients