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AroFlo inventory management software

AroFlo offers full featured inventory management so you can track every part and materials used on your jobs and large projects.

Our integrated stock control and inventory system allows you to:

  • Organise materials and services using categories and sub-categories.
  • Track the cost of items via automatic cost updates from purchase orders.
  • Use flexible sell price options for cost plus or fixed price (RRP) scenarios.
  • Manage stock by physical location or stock holder and set low stock alerts.
  • Create  schedule of rate (SOR) items and price levels for invoicing items at a flat-rate or tiered.
  • Search and select items even faster by creating Task Lists and Assemblies.
  • Record barcodes on inventory items to enable barcode scanning in the field.

Price Books/Schedule of Rates

Do you prefer to charge a flat rate for your standard services? AroFlo’s Schedule of Rates (SORs) is the perfect solution for businesses that work with flat rate pricing models.

SORs work like a price book, allowing you to set prices upfront rather than relying on costs and mark-ups to determine your final invoiced amount. From the get-go, your customers know exactly what they’re going to be charged.

You can set an overall job cost, without the need to list every expense as individual line items on your quote or invoice. AroFlo will still track every cost (including materials, labour and expenses) across every stage of the job, from the initial quote through to the final invoice.

You’ll always know your true job cost but your customer will only ever see one flat price listed on their invoice.


An Assembly is a prebuilt list all of the parts and labour you need for a specific job. That way you don’t have to waste time fiddling around with quantities and costs when it comes to creating your purchase orders and quotes.

Simply add your existing inventory items to a specified assembly list in set quantities. You can set custom costs and sell pricing for each item, or use your existing inventory pricing. Labour units can also be specified against your list items and will then be applied when the Assembly is used in a quote.

You can create as many assemblies as you need with any number of parts – saving you valuable time both offsite and on the job!

All your items are in the one place, so they can easily be added on to a quote, task or invoice. With AroFlo you’ll always know you have the right parts for the job.

Preferred Suppliers

AroFlo gives you the flexibility to set multiple suppliers against your inventory items. You can record different part numbers, descriptions and costs for each of the suppliers you use.

You’ll speed up your purchasing process as supplier part numbers and detailed descriptions will already be populated in your AroFlo system. And you can also assign internal part numbers and short descriptions for fast and easy reference by your team.

If you regularly buy a particular item from the same supplier, you can set them as your default ‘preferred supplier’. Finding the best price is a priority for most businesses so you can allocate the cheapest supplier as your ‘preferred supplier’ to guarantee you always get the best price on every order.

Anyone in your team can select the cheapest supplier, making it dead easy to order the right item with the best supplier every time. It’s just another way AroFlo simplifies your inventory management and streamlines your business processes.

Manage Stock Levels

Preferred Suppliers also work hand-in-hand with inventory levels to handle automatic re-ordering of your stock.

You can set minimum stock levels for business units, users or custom holders. When an items fall below your nominated threshold number, it will appear as an alert on your AroFlo Purchase Order screen. Simply add low stock items to your next purchase order.

You’ll always know what your workers need and where to buy it from, making stock replenishment a breeze.

Inventory low stock levels

Scan Barcodes

AroFlo Field features barcode scanning on assets and inventory items using your iPhone, Android phone or iPad.

Barcode scanning lets you:

  • add new assets to a business unit, client, or a task.
  • find a specific asset in the task assets list.
  • check the service history of an asset.
  • add materials to a Quote, Task, Purchase Order or Invoice.

You can turn your mobile device into a barcode scanner simply by downloading a third party app called pic2shop.