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Everything you need to run your plumbing business, plus more…

AroFlo’s job management software is perfectly suited to plumbing businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re a commercial, industrial or domestic plumbing business, the software comes with everything you need to track jobs, schedule staff, record billable hours, order material, check compliance requirements, send invoices, take payments and much more.

The software can bend to suit different business requirements and is one of the many reasons why our customers love using AroFlo.

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AroFlo allows you to easily manage periodic and on-demand maintenance jobs through real time job allocation and data capture. Jobs can be allocated and scheduled without making a phone call.

Job information can be entered into the system from the field and is available for invoicing the moment the job is completed. Without the need for the technician to travel back to the office to deliver paper work, AroFlo increases billable hours by keeping staff out on the road.

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Supplier connect – place orders directly with Reece

AroFlo is enables clients to place purchase orders directly with Reece Group. This integration provides a host of advantages for AroFlo users;

  • With the click of a button, your purchase order is instantly dispatched to Reece’s system for processing

  • There is no need to attach your order to an email and wait for the supplier to enter it into their system

  • No manual data entry required, eliminating the risk of mistakes being made

  • The supplier can process your order faster, ensuring the delivery of your parts or materials isn’t delayed

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Case studies

Precision Electrical and Plumbing | Case Sudy AroFlo

AroFlo has given Justin Morris the freedom to spend more time on his passions and less time on his business.

New Plumbing Case Study

AroFlo allowed New Plumbing Solutions to centralise operations and streamline every aspect of the business.

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