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AroFlo + MessageMedia SMS

AroFlo + MessageMedia SMS

Leverage the power SMS for your technicians and customers, using Message Media.

AroFlo have partnered with SMS Gateway providers MessageMedia to give you the most efficient form of alerts to your technicians.

AroFlo’s advanced SMS Alert Software allows for messages to be sent to your technician’s mobile automatically based on rules that you have setup.

AroFlo offers a huge range of automatic event triggers that can be sent to all or some of your technicians by SMS.

AroFlo’s SMS alert system allows you to generate relevant alerts as they fall due and notify your technicians in the field triggering reminders such as, important job notes, location, client details and much more.

AroFlo offers a wide range of alerts that can be set up and sent via SMS from AroFlo.

Message Media

MessageMedia is Australia’s leading messaging solution for business and enterprise, delivering an exclusive 99.95% SMS Gateway uptime guarantee, competitive rates and exceptional customer service. They are committed to being a global leader in business SMS services and providing the world’s best unified messaging platform.

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