AroFlo Congratulates COO David McDonald on 10 years of service

This month we celebrated an amazing milestone for our Chief Operations Officer David McDonald. Over the last decade, David has worked tirelessly to help build AroFlo into the industry-renowned company it is today, and we would like to take this opportunity to both thank him and also reflect on his time spent with us.

David’s journey with AroFlo began in Customer Support. But the diligence and leadership he exhibited in the role soon saw him move into our fledgling Sales department and begin building it into the successful team it is today.

During his time in Sales, David proved to be an invaluable asset as both a mentor and a manager, making him the clear choice for the position of COO when the time came.

Along the way, David has also been integral to the growth of virtually every other part of AroFlo. From Development to Documentation, his efforts are an inspiration to us all.

Those within the company know David for his good nature and uncanny ability to see the humour in every situation.

We’d once again like to thank David for everything he has done to make AroFlo what it is and wish him all the best on this special occasion.

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October 15, 2020
Team AroFlo
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