AWM Supplier Catalogue

Browse and order from the AWM online product catalogue directly from within AroFlo

AroFlo has teamed up with AWM to make your life easier

AWM is a leading wholesale distributor of a complete range of electrical,
data communications and associated component products.

Browse their online supplier catalogue from within AroFlo to access pricing exclusive to your AWM account.

“AroFlo has transformed our business, turning tedious tasks into an absolute pleasure.”

David Menegon – Director, Five Star Electrical

AroFlo and AWM have got you covered

Access AWM’s online catalogue from inside AroFlo

  • From your phone in the field, or the computer in the office

  • Entire product catalogue

  • Up-to-date pricing

  • Product images, technical information and downloads

Reduce data entry and admin time

  • No more manually uploading price files

  • Streamlined purchase order to inventory workflow
  • Accurately record material costs for quoting and invoicing
  • Automatically import AWM invoices from their emails

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