Business Reporting across
your entire business:
jobs, clients, accounts, & more

Get the insight you need to make smart decisions

Let AroFlo be your very own data analyst

AroFlo’s powerful reporting tool gives you greater visibility of your entire business. It allows you to dig deep into your valuable data and see how every part of your business is performing.

You can even slice and dice your data the way you like using AroFlo’s flexible customisation menu.

Analyse every detail quickly and easily with interactive links that take you straight to the source.

With multiple export options to choose from, you can share information with your team in the format of their choice.

Create insightful reports to your precise requirements


Simply choose the fields and filters you need


Save your report for next time


Export to a format of your choice

One-click business reporting at your fingertips

With over 60 standard reports,
AroFlo gives you powerful information on every part of your business.

Profit and loss
Get a snapshot of your business health at any time. Find out exactly how much you’re making or losing per hour, per invoice or per job.
Job activity
Track the progress of every job from start to finish. Predict delays caused by bad weather, outstanding parts, or on-site issues.
Asset management
Know when high-value equipment and vehicles are due for service or waiting on parts. Keep track of maintenance contract renewals.
Pipeline and scheduling
Keep your eye on big projects as they move through the sales pipeline. Easily see who’s working on current jobs and who’s available next.
Employee productivity
Identify the star performers in your team. And turn your attention to those who might need a little guidance and motivation.
Tracking centres
Categorise labour, materials, freight and expense items so you can easily monitor the areas of your business that matter most.

Lock down your critical business reports

AroFlo allows you to apply restrictions and user permission settings so you can control the reports different members of your team can access. This ensures they only view business information that is relevant to their role.

AroFlo keeps your business information safe by locking down custom reports to individual users or a group of users. Our customisable settings allow you to turn on or off a user’s ability to view, create, edit or delete a report.

Place your confidence in AroFlo knowing your critical business data is always secure.

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