Inventory management software

Comprehensive part & material tracking, customised to the exact needs
of your service or trade

AroFlo’s inventory software adapts to your business without restricting its operation

AroFlo is a different take on inventory software, one that adapts to your business without restricting its operation.

By tracking every part and material you use in real time, our software helps you keep on top of everything from client invoicing to urgent purchase orders.

Available from anywhere via both AroFlo Field and AroFlo Office, you’re backed by powerful inventory management tools no matter where the job takes you next.

AroFlo’s inventory software adapts to your business

Powerful integrated stock control and inventory management software

Powerful features:

Manage your stock levels

Just as organising your stock is made easy with AroFlo’s inventory software, you’ll find managing what you have and what you need to be a simple process as well.
The Low Stock system within AroFlo is a lifesaver if you move through materials quickly throughout your everyday business operations. Within the stock control software interface, you can:

  • Set low stock triggers for overall business units or specific AroFlo users
  • Customise the numeric values that trigger the alert
  • Add triggers to individual items or group of items

Better yet, when a material or item falls below the nominated threshold number it will automatically appear in the purchase order interface.

This lets you quickly add low stock items to an invoice within AroFlo’s inventory software and send it off in a flash.

Organise your materials and services

Every trade or service professional knows that having options is critical to getting the job done right. AroFlo’s inventory management software mirrors this goal with its completely customisable categories and subcategories.

You can group similar stock based on type, manufacturer, location, or other factors that are specific to your business.

Using AroFlo’s stock control software you can even create a separate archive folder and file old stock to separate it from your regular inventory. This lets you set aside detailed records for future reference while also keeping your current inventory interface uncluttered.

Track your purchase orders and costs

A huge part of what makes our inventory management software such a powerful tool is its ability to link to other features within AroFlo itself.

Purchase orders are an example of an automated process that runs through multiple sections of AroFlo, making stock acquisition as easy as:

  1. Ordering materials via purchase orders
  2. Importing relevant invoices to AroFlo
  3. Verifying the invoices and sending them off to your accounting package

When you return to AroFlo’s inventory management software, you’ll find it has already tracked the cost of these materials via automatic updates from your inputted purchase orders.

This information is also useful for making sure you’re getting the best prices on materials possible, a big concern if you work with a variety of different suppliers (see the preferred suppliers tab for more info).

Use simple or detailed pricing options

The power behind AroFlo’s inventory management software is just how adaptable it is to your current system of stock administration. With flexible sell price options built-in, you can enter a default markup on stock and then further refine your inventory cost using:

Simple pricing: An easy way to set prices for individual inventory items and then apply the same cost across quotes, tasks and invoices.

Detailed pricing: A useful option if you deal with multiple sale scenarios in your everyday trade or service work. The advanced feature list allows you to set sale prices for inventory items and then tag them with task/situation-specific markups.

If you decide to change your operations in future, don’t worry. These options can be adjusted at any time and will instantly update across every feature within AroFlo’s inventory software listings.

Create a Schedule of Rates (SORs)

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AroFlo’s inventory management software includes a full Schedule of Rates (SORs) system, making it perfect for businesses that work with flat-rate pricing models.

Our inventory software works a lot like a regular price book. Within the system, you can set prices in advance rather than relying on costs and markups to determine your final invoiced amounts.

This is great for you, as it simplifies the job bidding process and great for your customers too, who now know exactly what they’re going to be charged from the get-go.

You can even set an overall job cost template, which eliminates the need to list every individual expense within AroFlo. Our stock control software will then record and tally costs across every stage of the job automatically, tracking your true job cost while your customers only ever see one flat price listed on their invoice.

Scan barcodes into your inventory

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Mobile administration is a core part of the modern trade and service industry.

AroFlo’s inventory management software accounts for this need with the ability to scan barcodes on inventory items directly from your mobile device.

With barcode scanning you can:

      • Quickly add new inventory items to a job within AroFlo
      • Locate a specific inventory item amongst a task list
      • Check the availability of materials while on site
      • Scan materials directly into a quote, purchase order or invoice

The best part? No 3rd party app is required to use this feature, just AroFlo and a mobile device.

Add your preferred suppliers

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Setting multiple suppliers against your inventory items is a great cost-saving tool for any trade or service business. AroFlo’s stock control software automates the entire process, ensuring you never miss out on getting the best bang for your buck.

You can even select the cheapest supplier available while in the field, meaning no quarrels over price back at the office.

If you work in a niche industry, you can always select a Default Supplier to make sure that whatever you buy goes through the specific vendor of your choosing.

Run detailed stock reports

The more you know about how your business is performing the better.

AroFlo’s robust reporting features let you feed the info generated by our inventory software into detailed reports that highlight exactly how your business is faring.

Just like every other feature within AroFlo’s inventory management software, these reports present only the details and data you choose, making them a precision instrument for measuring success.

Import your material lists

Have you already got your materials logged digitally?

We can import your existing stock information into our inventory management software and even arrange it to your liking. This includes information such as your favourite suppliers, making it even easier to get started with AroFlo.

Create custom assemblies and task lists

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The role of AroFlo is not to tell you how to run your business, but instead to help streamline how you operate every day. The Assemblies feature is an example of this in action.

An Assembly is a prebuilt list of all the parts and labour you require for a specific job. You simply add your existing inventory items to a specified assembly list in set quantities, input custom costs and sale pricing if needed and you’re ready to go.

There’s no wasted time manually putting together the paperwork for a job you’ve done a million times. AroFlo’s inventory software does all the heavy lifting and your custom assembly boils the entire process down to the simple tap of a button or click of a mouse.

With AroFlo’s inventory management software at your back,
you’ll have the necessary tools to take charge of your stock control

Transform your business today