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End-to-end Cost Tracking, Invoicing, Billing and Payments

Get your cash flowing in your favour

A healthy cash flow is crucial for any trades business. When cash dries up, so does your business. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

AroFlo offers end-to-end business management software so you can streamline your business resulting in a healthier cash flow.

  • No more lost invoices.
  • Track every billable hour.
  • Clients can simply securely pay via credit card, online.

Use AroFlo to automate and streamline your invoice & billing process

Many business owners find themselves drowning in admin by the end of the day. It can be hard to keep track of all your team members’ and sub-contractors timesheets, let alone every other accumulative cost for a job.

With AroFlo you can track ALL costs against your project: labour, materials and expenses.

Reduce your data entry. You can configure AroFlo to automate the import of supplier invoices you receive in your email.

Automated Supplier Invoice Templates

Customisable invoice design feature

Raise invoices from anywhere & take payment online

Whether you’re in the office or on-site, you can raise invoices and email them to your clients in a couple of clicks.

Labour, materials and expenses are all automatically imported into your invoices, so nothing gets missed.

Taking payments online or in the field is easy with our Pay Now feature and Payment Gateway integrations. Clients can simply pay via credit card.

Invoicing Calculator

Need to take a deposit before starting a job or make a progress claim? Put your calculator away! Our system can calculate a partial invoice to whatever percentage or amount you wish.

There is no need to manually calculate the amount to invoice as AroFlo does this for you! Simply input the specific amount or percentage you want to invoice and AroFlo does the rest. You can invoice a client at different stages of a job and select certain materials and job costs associated with that stage. Then, once you have completed the job, you can invoice the client for the final balance, as AroFlo keeps track of how much you’ve invoiced and how much remains to be paid.

This makes for simple and accurate invoicing throughout every stage of a job.

Multiple Payment Options = Healthy Cash Flow


Credit Card


Bank Transfer



Make it easy for your client to pay you faster, online

A healthy cash flow keeps your business alive. To get paid faster, give your clients more options for making payments. AroFlo helps you accept several methods of online payments, whether on the job site, or directly from the invoice you email to your client.

All payments are tracked in the system against the job card. Payments can be easily synced with accounting packages like Xero, MYOB, Reckon and Quickbooks.

Streamline, Customise & Automate your Pricing & Invoicing

Your customer success consultant will help you set up the nuts & bolts in the system,
to cater for your business’ needs.

“I recommend AroFlo to every single small business I know. But I probably should keep it as my own little secret!”

Stuart White, General Manager, AMT Industries

“AroFlo freed me up to chase new business – including starting a new company. It changed my life!”

Michael Brewitt, Director, Velocity Electrical

“We couldn’t have grown from just me to having a 40-strong team if it wasn’t for AroFlo.”

Marty Wittebol, Managing Director, Alpha Cool
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Save time. Automate & streamline invoicing creation.

AroFlo’s smart invoice options streamline the invoicing process. Never double handle your invoices again when you can generate an invoice straight from any completed task, quote or schedule of rates. Also giving you the flexibility to add, delete or edit any of your auto-imported items.

Turn a completed job into a professional looking invoice with just a few clicks. Timesheets, materials and receipts are automatically transformed into an invoice so you always account for every cost.

Take control of your business financials so you can focus your time where it matters most.

xero Add on

Integrations with Xero, MYOB, Reckon and Quickbooks

AroFlo integrates with leading accounting software systems to ensure you never double-handle an invoice again, allowing you to stay on-top of your financials, faster.

Why re-enter invoices? AroFlo sends completed invoices directly into your accounting package so your finances are kept up-to-date and accurate across both systems.

Client and supplier updates, purchase orders and payments can all be shared between AroFlo and your accounting package. No more late nights wasting hours on unnecessary data entry.

AroFlo integrates seamlessly with hosted versions of Xero, MYOB, Reckon, and QuickBooks.

On-site invoicing and billing from your phone or tablet

Sick of spending your nights emailing invoices or chasing late payments? Stop wasting hours in the office on paperwork.

AroFlo makes your office portable so you can take care of your billing while you’re out on the road.

As soon as a job is finished you can raise an invoice. With a few clicks your invoice can be sent straight from your phone to the client. The client can even make payments online, on the spot.

No more scratching out manual invoices or trying to remember how much time you spent on the job, or what materials you used.

AroFlo delivers professional and accurate invoices on the spot, every time.

online invoice

Edit your invoice template screenshot

Customisable Invoice Templates

Your invoices need to look professional and reflect your business’s unique brand. Is it time you gave your invoices a long-overdue facelift?

AroFlo gives you the flexibility to select from a range of invoice templates. Or you can choose to have ultimate control over how your invoices look by using our powerful editor to create your own unique design.

Maybe you already have an invoice design you love… No problem! We can help convert your existing design into a standard template for you to use each and every time you need to raise an invoice. All job information and details will pull right over to your favourite invoice design.

With AroFlo, the choice is yours.

Taking payments online is easy. Email your invoices with a Pay Now button.

We make it easy for your customers to pay as soon as you’ve completed their job. You’ll never need to waste precious hours chasing up late payments again.

AroFlo integrates with leading payment gateway providers so you can choose the one that matches your business needs.

You can accept and process payment all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Using these payment gateways give your business the edge with your own Pay Now link which you can attach to invoices. As soon as you send the invoice out, your client can click the pay now link and, on the spot, instantly receive the funds.

AroFlo can mean faster payments and improve cash flow for your business.

** AroFlo charges a standard fee of $5 per month for eWay and NAB Transact integrations. Additional transaction fees also apply.

mobile payments
invoice maker

Invoicing automation makes admin easier

invoice softwareUse a standard template and brand it with your logo or customise your own design using AroFlo’s invoice editor.

invoice softwareInvoice numbers are auto-generated as your next available number.
invoice software AroFloJob information is pre-populated into your invoice – client contact details, job number and customer order number.
invoice software AroFloThe invoice description will include any labour, materials and expenses recorded against the original task.
invoice software AroFloCosts and totals are broken down, and any part payments already received are accounted for.
invoice software AroFloAdd your payment options – direct debit, cheque or credit card.

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