Powerful Job Costing Software

Determine the profitability of jobs and projects in real time

Track job profitability in real time

AroFlo’s Job Costing Software allows you to track all costs on tasks, jobs and projects accurately, and immediately show your profitability on the job.

The system provides one point of entry for job costs such as time, labour, parts, inventory, miscellaneous expenses, purchase orders and supplier invoices delivering a platform to track job profitability in real time.

At AroFlo, we know it’s important to know exactly how profitable a job will be as soon as possible. With our Accurate Job Costing Software, as soon as a job has been completed you will instantly see exactly how profitable the job was, giving you flexibility to adjust the invoice profit-margin before you send it out.

Mobile Field Software

Mobile Field Software

AroFlo provides a mobile interface so that cost allocations can be entered directly from site improving the accuracy of the information entered and profitability of jobs. No more trying to find missing receipts and dockets, AroFlo will retain this information along with all information related to the job.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

With AroFlo’s purchase order management software, you’ll never waste another minute chasing missing materials used on jobs, AroFlo will automatically populate your purchase orders and allocate them to your jobs, so you never miss materials again.

Often find yourself trying to recall what materials and how much you used on a job? No problem, with AroFlo’s purchase order software, easily order materials from a supplier on the go, directly from your smart phone or mobile device, when a supplier invoice hits your inbox, AroFlo will automatically import materials to your job.

Integrated Timesheets

Integrated Timesheets

AroFlo provides a time entry interface that allows hours to be booked out directly against a job or on to a timesheet. Tracking hours on jobs is crucial, and with our integrated timesheets, you can ensure labour costs have been allocated correctly keeping greater control over resource allocation.

AroFlo offers a range of timesheet job costing features such as flat charge rates, block billing, recording expenses such a fuel or travel time and even automated GPS timesheets. With these features and more, AroFlo gives you full job costing control in your business.

Material Management

Material Management

AroFlo’s material management module lets you track all of your parts and materials on the job, whether you are out in the field or in the office. AroFlo simplifies the way you add materials to a job, simply select an existing material item from your inventory, create an Ad-hoc item or raise a purchase order and these materials will instantaneously be put onto the job with their cost, mark-up and sell price figures.

AroFlo gives you complete control over material management by precisely calculating costings and determining your profitability instantly in the field or in the office.

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Stuart White, General Manager, AMT Industries

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Michael Brewitt, Director, Velocity Electrical

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