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Job estimating software

AroFlo job estimating software is a fast, online solution that can save you countless hours of paperwork. It will help you produce more detailed, accurate and professional quotes so you can win highly profitable projects.

More than job estimating software

AroFlo is not just easy-to-use estimating software. It has added functionality including job tracking, scheduling, inventory management, project management and workplace safety and compliance, making it the perfect full featured solution for any sized contractor across any trade.

AroFlo can take a job from initial contact through to invoicing, including integrations with leading accounting software solutions – Xero, MYOB, Reckon, or QuickBooks.

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An Assembly is a prebuilt list all of the parts and labour you need for a specific job. That way you don’t have to waste time fiddling around with quantities and costs when it comes to creating your purchase orders and quotes.

Simply add your existing inventory items to a specified assembly list in set quantities. You can set custom costs and sell pricing for each item, or use your existing inventory pricing. Labour units can also be specified against your list items and will then be applied when the Assembly is used in a quote.

You can create as many assemblies as you need with any number of parts – saving you valuable time both offsite and on the job!

All your items are in the one place, so they can easily be added on to a quote, task or invoice. With AroFlo you’ll always know you have the right parts for the job.

Estimated costs VS Actual costs – 100% Visibility

AroFlo’s job estimating capabilities are fully integrated with all tasks and projects so you can compare the current cost of a project and the quoted value at a click of the button. You’ll have full control of your projects with total visibility of how a project is tracking and which areas are more profitable than others.

Faster, automated online job quoting

You can set templates from any existing quotes you have created for tasks your business performs on a regular basis. You can then simply import these templates into new quotes. All you need to do is adjust the quantities for your new project.

Assemblies are groups of set materials that are required to complete a task. Each assembly can be added easily to the job you’re working on and will automatically apply the correct number of each item so you don’t have to manually add them to each job. Quicker quoting means a faster turn around and hours saved on paperwork. Leaving you with more time to focus on growing your business.

Taking everything into account

AroFlo’s detailed quotes and job estimates not only ensure you accurately quote on labour and materials. It also takes into account the ‘hidden’ costs of projects like allowances and the time needed to complete the project. Using weekly working hours and the resources you have committed to the project, AroFlo can help you to track your business all day, every day.

Online quoting on-the-job

You can access AroFlo from anywhere, on any connected device because it’s a cloud based, mobile solution. Your field technicians can create quotes for clients on-the-spot. All information is live so you can email a quote to your client as soon as it’s been completed.