Metalflex maX Supplier Catalogue

Access the most up-to-date pricing from the maX online product catalogue. Select and import items directly into your workflow. 

AroFlo has joined forces with Metalflex to make online ordering a breeze

Metalflex is a wholesaler of top-of-the-line air conditioning and heating systems.
Their maX system is an online portal for accessing their entire product catalogue.

Metalflex and AroFlo
Simply access the maX catalogue directly from within AroFlo, streamlining your ordering process.

“The beauty of AroFlo is that everything you need is in the one central place.
It puts your entire business at your fingertips.”

Alex Hall, Managing Director — AC Hall Airconditioning

AroFlo and Metalflex have got you covered

Metalflex and AroFlo

Access Metalflex’s online catalogue from inside AroFlo

  • From your phone in the field, or the computer in the office

  • Entire product catalogue

  • Up-to-date pricing

  • Product images, technical information and downloads

Reduce data entry and admin time

  • Say goodbye to manually uploading price files

  • Streamline your purchase order to inventory workflow
  • Accurately record
  • Automatically import Metalflex invoices from their emails

AroFlo and Reece

Supplier connect – place orders directly with Metalflex

AroFlo is currently the only Job Management System which enables clients to place purchase orders directly with Metalflex.

This integration provides a host of advantages for AroFlo users;

  • With the click of a button, your purchase order is instantly dispatched to Metalflex’s system for processing

  • There is no need to attach your order to an email and wait for the supplier to enter it into their system

  • No manual data entry required, eliminating the risk of mistakes being made

  • The supplier can process your order faster, ensuring the delivery of your parts or materials isn’t delayed

Metalflex and AroFlo

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