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MYOB add-ons

AroFlo is a MYOB Premium Developer Partner and authorised MYOB add-on. Our AroFlo-MYOB integration link combines the accounting prowess of MYOB with the job management power of AroFlo to allow for an easy flow of information. You can do all of your work in AroFlo and use the integration link to move your client and supplier updates, along with finalised purchase orders and invoices, across to MYOB.

Synchronise Client and Supplier Updates

An AroFlo-MYOB integration allows you to sync your client and supplier data from AroFlo over to your MYOB file. Whenever you make a change to your client or supplier information in AroFlo, that file will be marked to be updated for the next time you run the integration link.

Push Invoices and Purchase Orders

Eliminate one of the most frustrating and time consuming components of paper work; double entry. Once an invoice or purchase order has been completed in AroFlo the integration link will move them into MYOB ready to receive a payment or remind you to pay the bill.

Use your accounting software for what it’s built for…accounting

We’re not accountants, that’s why there are no accounting functions within AroFlo.  We’d rather leave that to the professionals. MYOB isn’t job management software – AroFlo is. An AroFlo-MYOB integration link lets each software system do what it does best by integrating the two for ease of use. MYOB receives all of your invoices and purchase orders so you can pay your bills and receive payment. And AroFlo will streamline workflows and automate processes, eradicating paper work, organising your mobile workforce and giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Do all your work in the one system

With an AroFlo-MYOB integration link you don’t have to worry about staff logging in and out of different programs to get their work done. Everything can be done in AroFlo. Any updated information will be automatically synced to MYOB whenever you run the integration link. No double entry, no lost time entering updates into two systems.

One or multiple accounting files

An AroFlo-MYOB integration link can work with one or multiple accounting files. Whether you operate as a single entity or if you have multiple businesses, we can still support you.

Supported Versions of MYOB

  • MYOB Essentials
  • MYOB AccountRight Live
  • MYOB AccountRight Plus
  • MYOB AccountRight Premier
  • MYOB AccountRight Enterprise
  • MYOB AccountRight Classic