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Occupational health & safety (OHS) software

AroFlo helps you automate and manage your OH&S and compliance processes across your entire organisation. Our powerful software lets your staff quickly and easily perform risk assessments, complete JSAs, adhere to safe work procedures and follow predefined compliance checklists.

Custom Compliance Forms at no extra cost

With AroFlo you can create custom compliance forms, checklists and assessments that suit your unique business environment. Your custom built catalogue of compliance templates can be easily retrieved and completed by your staff either on-site or in the office.

And unlike other job management systems, we don’t charge extra for you to customise your own OH&S and compliance forms. Just another reason why we believe AroFlo is the most cost-effective, full featured solution on the market.

Field mobility

AroFlo offers a complete, portable OH&S and compliance solution as it can be accessed from virtually any smart phone or hand held mobile device. AroFlo’s automatic notifications and alerts let staff and management back in the office know immediately if any issues or incidents arise while your teams are working on-site.

Safety Plan scheduling

AroFlo’s safety plan component lets you schedule tool box talks, safety walks and other safety procedures. They will be automatically generated at the precise time they are due to be actioned so you can rest assured knowing the correct procedures are always performed at the right time.

Non-Compliance Items

You can set up  checklists that generate a non-compliance task if any compliance item ‘fails’. This task can then be tracked through until it is resolved. That way you can be sure nothing ever gets overlooked or slips through the cracks.


  • Real time, company-wide risk management
  • Reduce accidents and injuries
  • Centralised and easy-to-use OHS system
  • Simplified hazard control
  • Massive reduction in OHS & compliance documentation
  • Automatic notifications and alerts
  • Avoid regulatory penalties
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Cut training costs

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