Get Paid Faster

On-the-spot payments
from your phone

Easy payment options for your customers

Delayed payments can have a serious impact on your business cash flow. That’s why AroFlo makes it easy for your customers to pay as soon as the job is done. You’ll never need to waste precious hours chasing up late payments again.

AroFlo integrates with leading payment gateway providers so you can choose the one that best meets your business model and budget.

Secure payments from your phone

Connecting AroFlo to a payment gateway* will turn any mobile device into a fast, secure and convenient card processor. This means you can process customers payments at anytime, from anywhere.

As soon as a job is complete, you can raise an invoice on-the-spot. Your customer can then pay by credit card using your phone or iPad.

All they need to do is enter their card details and the transaction is processed then and there. Before you know it, the cash will be hitting your bank account.

*Transaction fees from individual payment providers will apply. Please refer to pricing and terms on their websites.

Secure payments from your phone
AroFlo integrates with leading payment gateway providers

Get paid faster in 3 easy steps

AroFlo lets you add a payment link to your invoice templates.

It’s super easy to use so your customers will never have an excuse to not pay on time!

  1. Connect AroFlo to your chosen payment gateway.
  2. Add a ‘Pay Now’ link to your invoice template.
  3. Email a PDF invoice to your customer.

When the invoice hits their inbox, they simply click the ‘Pay Now’ button and enter their card details into our secure payment portal.

While the money shoots off to your bank account, the payment is automatically applied to your invoice in AroFlo, saving you even more time!

Switch to a new payment gateway

AroFlo gives you the flexibility to choose from a range of industry leading payment gateway providers, so you can find the right one for your business.

Choose from the most popular providers to find a payment solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Head over to their websites to review your options:

As soon as you’ve signed up, simply connect AroFlo to your chosen payment gateway using your account details. You can then sit back and wait for the cash to start rolling in.

** AroFlo charges a standard fee of $5 per month for eWay and NAB Transact integrations. Additional transaction fees also apply.

AroFlo integrates with leading payment gateway providers

AroFlo also integrates with Xero, MYOB, Reckon and Quickbooks