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Project management software

To ensure you achieve the best return from your projects, AroFlo will manage control resource allocation, purchasing, record communications and variations. Using AroFlo you can even compare actual costs with estimated values to ensure your estimating is accurate. AroFlo project software enables real time capture of project costs enabling you to allot costs against specific tasks, stages or across an entire project. Optimising efficiency and project returns, AroFlo will change the way you do business.

Project Management Software That Links Estimates

AroFlo provides a real time solution for capturing project costs and comparing them with estimated values. The project management console allows your staff to map quote takeoff’s lists or sections to the relevant stage of a project providing a single progress screen. Comparing current labour and material costs to the estimated value of each project stage ensures you know the profitability on every job from beginning to end.

“Actual Costs vs Estimates”

Project Software with Integrated Timesheet

To efficiently track project costs, labour needs to be booked out to the tasks and stages that it is relevant to. AroFlo integrates a timesheet solution with project management component so that time booked out onto a project task is reflected on a single timesheet view. The timesheet view also includes time booked out on other tasks as well as non-productive time. This eliminates the need to duplicate the timesheet process.

“Labour Control”

Project Software that Tracks Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be directly linked to projects giving you fast access and full visibility of items purchased against projects. Orders can be tracked until they are fulfilled giving you greater control of purchasing with less effort.

“Purchasing Control”

Project Variations

Lost revenue because of poorly documented variations is an area where many contractors can improve their project returns. AroFlo allows your site personnel to create variations on the spot through a mobile device, laptop or PC with web access. Time and materials can be booked out against the variation the moment it has been created, rather than hours or days later.

“Maximise Returns from Variations”

Project Manage Documentation

AroFlo allows your site personnel to document all project correspondence from onsite. Eliminating the need to return to the base office saves hours and hours of valuable time. Recording notes against tasks or creating task types specific to information requests, allows office and site personnel to keep track of pending information. These features all assist to better manage projects.

“Track All Correspondence”

Project Progress Invoices and Retentions

The progress interface in the project software provides a single view that shows all current project costs, estimated values and the value invoiced out from a single screen. This provides the information you need to generate accurate progress payments in line with the works completed. Task specific variations can be invoiced out separately enabling you to keep track of them easier.

“Invoice Quickly & Efficiently”

Access To Project Anywhere

Site personnel can access AroFlo from smart phones, tablets, laptops or PCs wherever they have access to the internet. Real time access to your business management system allows constant updating to occur. Allocation of costs against specific tasks provides better tracking of project variations ensuring additional revenue generated for your business.

“Project Visibility”

Compliance (OH&S)

AroFlo also has an integrated OHS (Compliance) module giving your field service technicians a comprehensive tool for managing risk in the workplace.