Comprehensive Purchase Order
Management Software

Get on top of your Inventory & Suppliers.
Raise Purchase Orders in the Field, or the Office

AroFlo breaks complex purchase orders
down into four easy steps…

your Materials

1. Order materials

With AroFlo’s purchase order software, you can place orders in the field or back at the office and have stock on the way in seconds.

Relevant Invoices

2. Import Invoices

Put an end to micromanagement. When a supplier invoice hits your inbox, AroFlo will automatically import materials right into the relevant job.

a Bill

Keep detailed records of your supplier invoices and link them to purchase orders automatically. Outstanding bills can even be raised and paid from within AroFlo.

Export Accounting Information

Accounting Integrations with Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon and MYOB

Say goodbye to double handling forever. With an AroFlo accounting integration, you can send verified invoices directly to your accounting package..

Your inventory, your costings, your suppliers
– all in one place

AroFlo gives you the flexibility to assign multiple suppliers against your inventory items with individual costings, descriptions, and part numbers for each supplier you do business with regularly.

This innovative piece of functionality speeds up processing times and saves you from manually populating each purchase order by letting AroFlo do all the work for you. You can even set a default ‘preferred supplier’ for individual inventory items, ensuring you always get the best price on any material you need.

If you’re worried about out-of-date costings, don’t be. AroFlo records each item’s last known cost against your inventory card, meaning this cost can be applied to new purchase orders at will.

With AroFlo, you can skip having to handle wholesaler price lists entirely with our supplier catalogue integrations. We’ve joined forces with leading wholesalers to give you instant access to up-to-date product catalogues from within AroFlo.

Once integrated, you can log in to your preferred suppliers’ live catalogue and access their full range of continuously updated materials at the prices you’ve negotiated with them.

Paperless purchase orders
and automatic supplier invoicing

Keep your inventory stocked on the move or order job materials the second you need them.
Whether you’re in the office or on the move, AroFlo’s purchase order software makes dealing with suppliers easy.

Don’t administrate.
Automate with AroFlo Assemblies

Sick of wasting time writing out long lists of material requirements and costs every time you take on a new job?

With AroFlo’s assemblies, you can load prebuilt lists containing all the parts and labour you need for a specific job in seconds.

Assemblies cover everything from material qualities and costs to supplier availability and even labour, meaning you can load them in the field with minimal admin required.

You can even set custom costs and pricing for individual items within an assembly, making them great for times where your current inventory pricing doesn’t suit. AroFlo assemblies take our purchase order software to the next level, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Transform your business today