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Automated Supplier Invoice Imports

Streamline your job costing with AroFlo’s automated purchase order software. We’ll take the hassle out of ordering by simplifying and automating your entire purchasing process, from supplier, directly to your jobs.

You’ll never waste another minute chasing missing materials used on jobs; AroFlo will automatically populate your purchase orders and allocate them to your jobs.

Over 350+ Suppliers Supported

Why retype invoices when your supplier invoice already contains everything you need? Retyping information that’s already there is a complete waste of your valuable time.

Our automatic invoice importing feature transfers your supplier invoices straight into AroFlo. Within five minutes of you receiving the invoice, AroFlo gets to work.

Our software ‘reads’ your invoice details and inserts the line items directly into AroFlo, either onto the job or project you raised the purchase order from, or straight into your inventory.

Making purchase orders as simple as 1, 2, 3 …

1. Order Materials

1. Order materials

Place orders from the field or office in seconds. Order materials for a job, project or stock replenishment.

2. Import Invoices

2. Import Invoices

When a supplier invoice hits your inbox, AroFlo will automatically import materials ordered to your job.

3. Accounting Integration

Accounting Integrations with Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon and MYOB

Verify your invoices and send them directly into your accounting package. All done.

Purchase orders on the goPurchase orders on the go

Want to take your office on the road? Not a problem! Order from your phone and take the hassle out of purchasing.

Instantly allocate parts to the jobInstantly allocate parts to the job

AroFlo automatically links your ordered materials to the right job or project. You’ll never lose track of chargeable items again.

Supplier cataloguesSupplier catalogues

We’ve joined forces with leading industry wholesalers to give you instant access to their complete online product catalogues and live pricing.

Supplier invoice auto-importsSupplier invoice auto-imports

When a supplier fills your order, we’ll import your materials directly into AroFlo. Simply allocate them to your job, project or inventory.

Automatic stock replenishmentAutomatic stock replenishment

Losing track of van stock? Wasting money ordering unnecessary items? Set your minimum stock level and AroFlo will order what you need!

Keep on top of supplier pricesKeep on top of supplier prices

AroFlo records your last purchased cost for all ordered items. You’ll never accidently overpay for an item again.

Paperless Purchase Orders

AroFlo lets you place orders for materials from ANY location. Whether you’re in the office or out on-site, everything you need is at your fingertips.

All your field technicians need to do is simply raise a blank purchase order in AroFlo. They can hand over the PO number to the supplier and grab what they need off the shelf, or they can ring in the order if they’re stuck on the job.

When you receive the supplier invoice, we’ll validate and process it. You’ll then be notified that you’ve got an order to approve and it can be sent to your accounting software for payment.  Just think of the time savings for your business!

Paperless Purchase Orders from any Location

Supplier Catalogue Integrations

Importing massive wholesaler price lists is completely pointless because they date the minute a supplier changes their pricing. Instead, we decided to join forces with leading wholesale suppliers to give you instant access to complete and up-to-date online product catalogues – all from within AroFlo.

Simply log in to your preferred suppliers’ catalogue and you’ll have full access to the custom pricing you’ve negotiated with them. You can browse and select the exact materials you need for each job.

And because you’ll be accessing live pricing, you can be confident that the material costs in your purchase orders, quotes and invoices are 100% accurate. You’ll never run the risk of under-quoting again.

Learn more about Supplier Online Catalogues.

Supplier Catalogue Integrations

Automated Inventory Management

Inventory Management

AroFlo offers a fast and convenient way to keep track of your van stock. You can even set the system for automatic replenishment of materials.

Simply assign your minimum stock level. As you use parts and materials, AroFlo can add these parts to your next purchase order to bring your inventory back to your ideal level.

You then have the freedom to accept AroFlo’s suggestion or modify your order.

Learn more about Inventory Management.

Purchase Order Approvals

Unsure if you want your whole team raising purchase orders? No problem! AroFlo lets you control who can create and send purchase orders on behalf of your company.

Approved crew members can raise any purchase order they need from the field. You can then choose to be notified when any new purchase orders are created.

You’ll never be kept out of the loop again!

Purchase Order Approvals
Supplier Cost Tracking

Cost Tracking

Keep on top of supplier costs

Every time you order materials, AroFlo will record the last known cost of each item against your inventory card.

This cost can be then applied against new purchase orders to ensure you never pay more than what you paid last time.

You can enjoy full transparency over true supplier costs so you never get caught out overpaying for materials.

Preferred Suppliers

Set multiple suppliers against inventory items

AroFlo gives you the flexibility to assign multiple suppliers against your inventory items. You can record different part numbers, descriptions and costs for each supplier that you regularly order from.

You will speed up your purchasing process as part numbers and detailed descriptions will already be populated in your AroFlo system. And if you regularly buy a particular item from the same supplier, you can set them as your default ‘preferred supplier’.

If the best price is a priority for your business, simply assign your cheapest supplier as your ‘preferred supplier’. That way you’ll be guaranteed to always get the best price on every order you make.


Prebuild resource lists for common jobs

An Assembly is a prebuilt list of all the parts and labour you need for a specific job. This saves you wasting time fiddling around with quantities and costs when it comes to creating your purchase orders and quotes.

Simply add your existing inventory items to a specified assembly list in set quantities. You can set custom costs and sell pricing for each item, or use your existing inventory pricing. Labour units can also be specified against your list items and will then be applied when the Assembly is used in a quote.

You can create as many assemblies as you need with any number of parts – saving you valuable time both offsite and on the job!

All your items are in the one place, so they can easily be added on to a quote, task or invoice. With AroFlo you’ll always know you have the right parts for the job.

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