AroFo and Square

Painless on-site payment
processing with AroFlo’s
Square integration

A quick, easy, & secure payment process to smooth your cashflow & save you time

AroFlo’s Square integration:
two leading systems working seamlessly together

Process payments on the go

AroFlo’s Square integration is a simple, fast and powerful way to process payments on the go.

With AroFlo and Square at your side, you’ll never need to waste time chasing up late invoices again.

Square works on any iOS and Android device, with a quick setup time letting you start taking payment on-site before you know it.

Secure payment from any location

Provide your clients with a secure payment method from any location with AroFlo’s Square integration.

A Square integration provides your customers with the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Using the innovative tap and go card processor, you can raise transactions instantly and take payment right after the job is done.

Better yet, Square works with both traditional cards and digital card storage options such as Apple Wallet.

While the money shoots off to your bank account you can quickly finalise the details of your invoice from AroFlo’s Field interface, saving you even more time and preventing the need to trek back to the office and file any outstanding documents.

AroFlo and Square

Get the cash flowing back into your business