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Losing billable hours? Try our digital time tracking software.

Track every minute at an individual or organisational level, with Aroflo's powerful time tracking software.

Over 25,000 users

Unleash the power of time tracking software on your trade business.

There are only so many hours in each day, but with AroFlo's time tracking tools, you can rest easy knowing that you and your team are spending every minute growing your business and success.

AroFlo's time tracking software puts real-time capture job timers in the hands of you and your technicians. No more manually inputting work hours at the end of the day. Start a timer when you commence a job and hit stop when you're done.

AroFlo stores all the information your job timers create, then pushes it to the parts of your business where necessary, such as time sheeting, scheduling, invoices and more.

Our time manager software is also the perfect fit for contract labour. With the ability to force the completion of checklists and safety documents before a job timer can commence, so you'll always know things are being done by the book.

Time tracking software that actually improves productivity

Sometimes, a digital time tracking solution you thought would save you time can cost you hours on admin and upkeep. AroFlo's tracking software is different because it automates the tedious admin that surrounds your business and lets you focus on the important stuff.No more manual data entry and no more logging time for your team; our time management solution puts you back in control while taking the burden of endless payroll and timesheet admin off your shoulders.With more time to focus on the future, AroFlo's time tracking software will take your business productivity to the next level.

Bill customers with complete confidence

100% accurate billing may seem unattainable unless you use AroFlo's time tracking software. Our time tracking tools are a single item in a big toolbox, and just like your trusty tools, many of our software features work best when you use them together.
Combine AroFlo's quoting, invoicing, scheduling and time tracking features together. You'll always know the information you print on your final bill is entirely accurate because the data was collected as it happened, not several hours after you left site.
With a firm hold on all aspects of every single job complete, even the pickiest clients are easy to deal with when you have every billable hour down to the minute, available any time, anywhere.


Waste less time managing your time.

AroFlo's time tracking software helps you understand how your organisation spends every minute of every day. By helping keep track of how time is spent in your trade business, our software creates clear avenues for you to prioritise tasks better and meet even the most demanding deadlines.

Our time management tools are for more than just trade business owners too. Both field technicians and office staff love that our tracking software is easy to use and makes tedious admin work such as invoices, timesheets and payroll much faster.

If you aren't happy with your current time tracking solution, give AroFlo a go and discover how an efficient digital time tracker can give you more daily hours to focus on the work that makes you money.

Complete more work with improved collaboration

AroFlo is usable on any device and accessible from anywhere, meaning you don't need to sit in front of a desk to run your day-to-day operations. Simply log in to AroFlo using your preferred mobile or tablet device, and you're ready to go. Because AroFlo is web-based, you can even swap devices on the fly with no downtime. No need to dip back to the work van to grab your laptop. Just pull out your phone and start using AroFlo in the palm of your hand.
By cutting down the time it takes to discuss and complete even the most monotonous day-to-day tasks, AroFlo's time management tools encourage your team to work faster and communicate better through the power of efficient digital job management.

Touch-free timesheet tracking through the power of automation

Have you ever thought about completing timesheets without feeling stressed to the max? With AroFlo's time tracking software, you won't have to wonder any longer. Our time tracking solution takes the hard graft out of managing time and completing your weekly payroll.
By automating how your technicians track their time and automatically pushing the job timer data they create back to your office, you and your admin team can spend more time settling up the books for the week and less time chasing up timesheets.

🛡 accuracy and confidence

Show proof of time spent. No more guesstimating.

Providing accurate timeframes for jobs helps build customer confidence, which is one of the many reasons AroFlo excels as a time tracking tool for trade businesses of any size. By collecting every bit of job data your business produces and storing it for later use, you'll always have proof of your ability to accurately track work hours and invoice billable hours with the same level of accuracy.

Job timers provide work and project tracking metrics down to the individual second, giving your trade business a great safety net in case of a dispute over the hours you worked on a job.

Enhance your invoicing and billing

AroFlo's job timers are hugely beneficial for running the financial side of your trade business. Things inevitably get missed when you operate using pen and paper or outdated software. Our time tracking solution acts as a safety net for lost time, ensuring you'll never miss out on the extra 15 minutes of billable time you or your team forgot to log at the end of the day.That's a game changer for your business, as it ensures the hours you print on your next invoice are 100% accurate to the time you worked. By relying on a timer tracker like AroFlo, you'll be clearing your billing backlog in minutes rather than hours, all thanks to the power of automated time management.

Estimate projects accurately with historical project tracking

AroFlo isn't just time tracking software; it's a digital record of every job you've ever done, complete with all the data that job created along the way. When you track work hours using AroFlo, you begin to develop a catalogue of job information you can use to operate better and scale your operations without fear of failure.Are you wondering whether your next project estimate is viable with the time you've given to complete the work? Compare the estimate with historical job timers on similar work and find out for yourself. If the time tracker information says you've consistently met deadlines similar to the one in front of you, then you can rest easy knowing your next project will be delivered on time.

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Invest in employee independence with AroFlo's time tracking solution

A successful trade business invests in helping its field crew work faster and more effectively. AroFlo helps foster independence amongst your technicians by giving them complete autonomy over how and when they track their billable hours.
You get an effective solution for catching every billable hour down to the minute, and your team gets to be the master of their own destiny while in the field. It's a win-win for everyone involved.
Your office team win when you track work hours with AroFlo too.
Running timesheets and payroll is simple and easy when you automate your operations with AroFlo. Just have your team track work hours, then let AroFlo push the job data directly to your admin team for efficient processing at the tap of a button.

An effective time tracker for any trade business

AroFlo's time management tools are an excellent fit for trade businesses operating at every size and scope. Our time tracker is an intuitive time saving tool for small businesses and a multi-level assistant to your timesheet and payroll system for medium to large companies. In short, AroFlo's time tracker functionality fits your business regardless of how big you are now and how big you intend to grow in future.
As you grow, AroFlo's time tracking solution assists your operations by providing complete autonomy to your field crew, letting them take charge of tracking time on jobs while you keep an eye on things from your job site or back at home base.

Build better customer relationships with accurate job data

AroFlo's time tracking software is a great option for tradespeople who deal with the same customers time and time again. Our time tracking solution is an excellent fit for periodic servicing and maintenance because it allows you to track historic job times and provide clear indicators of how long the next service will take.
But without a doubt, the best thing about AroFlo's time tracker is that it scales with the size and scope of your operations. The more job time data you create, the more accurate your job estimates become, making our software the perfect time management tool for building long-term maintenance schedules with complete confidence.

Simplify your workday with software, not stress

Get a complete understanding of the entire scope of your business. AroFlo's time management tools help you keep track of employees in the field, how long they've been on the job and what they've logged during that job with individual timestamps!
Our software turns your trade business into a living ecosystem, with field and office staff moving seamlessly throughout your job management platform, completing tasks and eliminating tedious admin with the power of digital connectivity. There's no tracking software quite like AroFlo, because our software hooks into every part of your job completion process, adding efficiency and helping your trade business run better than ever before.

Attach mandatory checklists and OHS forms to your time tracker

Save time when you're on the clock with AroFlo's wide range of time tracker functionality. If you deal with lots of contractors on a day-to-day basis, our mandatory form functionality can help smooth your operations like never before.
Set certain forms as mandatory before work can commence, such as OHS and other safety documents. Now when your field tech arrives on site, they won't be able to start their time tracker until the relevant documents have been filled out and lodged within your AroFlo system.

Streamline your everyday processes

With AroFlo's time tracker, alongside other functionality running in the background of your business, you'll quickly notice how much more efficient your operations are with a digital system.Enjoy more time to focus on the kinds of tasks that grow your business and your success. That's the aim of AroFlo's time and labour tracking software.
But don't take our word for it. Try AroFlo for yourself and see why our time management tools are as powerful for your business success as they are useful to you.


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Why Builders and Estimators Choose AroFlo

You never know what tomorrow will bring when you own and operate a trade business. But one thing is certain; time passes whether you're being proactive or standing still. That's why AroFlo is the best friend of time-conscious trade professionals; because it allows you to understand and record exactly how your business spends its time like never before.
How often have you wondered how many hours are wasted across the entire scope of your operation each week? It's not laziness or a lack of care. It's inefficiency. Without a time tracker that's capable of capturing every billable minute your business engages in, you might be left out of pocket and wishing you'd spent your time better.
AroFlo's time management tools bring proper time tracking to the forefront of your business, facilitated by time tracking software that's as adaptable to the kinds of work you complete every day as you are.
If you're scratching your head trying to make the most of the hours you've got each week, try AroFlo. It's the tracking software tradies trust.


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For a business that started on paper, AroFlo has helped Alpha Cool transform into a streamlined, efficient organisation that now dominates the Northern Queensland market.

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Back at the office, staff benefit from enhanced cost management and quicker invoicing, meaning more billable hours and more cash flow for the business. Overall, the changes brought on by making the switch to AroFlo have enabled Reed Plumbing and Drainage to finally focus entirely on planning their future, rather than worrying about managing the present.

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100% growth in team size
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With staff productivity now at an all-time high, the business enjoys increased billable hours, decreased paperwork and 100% software uptake across the entire business, all thanks to AroFlo’s easy-to-use suite of job management tools.