Time tracking software to help you
track time in the field with ease

AroFlo’s time tracking software lets you easily
record labour hours and overheads on the go

Record labour hours with AroFlo’s
Job Timer

Having trouble accurately tracking the labour hours spent on each job?

Perhaps your team members forget to record overtime and travel expenses?

As a busy business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve productivity and streamline work processes. AroFlo’s Job Timer functionality streamlines the process of recording labour hours, as well as any additional overheads, to ensure labour is being invoiced correctly. The Job Timer simply captures the start and stop times instead of relying on team members to manually insert work hours into their timesheet, which can introduce errors.

Time tracking software

Watch our feature demo on Timesheets

Watch our feature demo to gain an understanding of how timesheets would form part of your AroFlo account.
This short video demonstrates recording timesheets via the job timer, manual input and via AroFlo’s intuitive GPS feature.
You can also see how overheads are easily captured and applied to your total costs. It’s that easy!

Simple Start Stop Job Timer

Offers greater control by time tracking on the go

Simple time tracking software

Easy access from the
office and field

Job timer

Run AroFlo’s Job Timer from
any location, on any device.

Handy one-click

One click operation

Quickly and precisely log time spent
on jobs, without any manual entry.


Accurate invoicing

Accurately invoice
time spent on jobs.

Time tracking software that will transform your business