Time Billing & Timesheet Solution

Never miss a billable hour with AroFlo’s
time billing and timesheet solution

How does it work?

It’s easy. You do a one-time setup of your:

  • labour rates – normal time, double time, apprentice rates, or whatever you need
  • overheads – travel time, site allowance, admin work, and so on
  • margin %.

Your field technicians access AroFlo on their mobile or tablet device and either :

  • record their labour at the end of each job with just a few simple clicks on the job card
  • use GPS timesheets to record their movements throughout the day, or
  • do a combination of both.

Your office staff can see labour entries in real time and can easily check and amend any details they need to before finalising the pay run. No more chasing up paper timesheets or rummaging through job cards.

With AroFlo, everything’s at your fingertips.

Timesheet Website Diagram

Labour invoicing software

AroFlo’s invoicing software gives you complete, accurate labour invoicing that’ll help you increase your profits by reducing lost revenue. What’s more, you can customise your billing setup so it all happens without you lifting a finger.

Combine block billing with client-specific rates, set specific call-out fees for certain situations or clients, or set up different labour rates for quoted work, do-and-charge work, and payroll.

Integrated Timesheets

GPS job tracking software

AroFlo’s GPS job tracking software lets you capture all the time your crew spends on site or on the road – even if they forget to record it. What could that mean for your business?

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Powerful business reporting software

Looking for productivity reports? AroFlo lets you run reports on individual field technicians or on your whole crew, so you can see where there are gains to be made. Report on jobs completed, time booked on jobs, billable hours, charge rates, overheads, and more.

In AroFlo, everything is linked – job cards, timesheets, GPS data, invoicing, compliance, project management, and more – meaning minimal data entry, increased accuracy, and powerful validation to make sure you’re getting the most out of every job.

Never miss a billable hour again with AroFlo

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