Electrical contracting software


AroFlo job management software delivers a suite of web based Electrical Contractor software products that annually increase profits and potentially reduce administration costs by hundreds of hours per year for Electrical contractors. AroFlo supports core processes involved in Electrical contracting including estimating, job control, timesheets, invoicing, purchasing and inventory control.

A simple to use in field interface suitable for PDAs, notebooks and laptops allows field technicians to book out parts and labour from site. Eliminating paper work and streamlining the billing process AroFlo dramatically increases productivity in your business.

Case Studies

These Electrical Contractors are already taken advantage of AroFlo to improve and even win new business:

Service managment software

AroFlo allows you to easily manage periodic and on-demand maintenance jobs through real time job allocation and data capture. Service management jobs can be allocated and scheduled without making a phone call. Job Information can be entered into the system from the field and is available for invoicing the moment the job is completed. Without the need for the technician to travel back to the office to deliver paper work, AroFlo increases billable hours by keeping staff out on the road.

AroFlo job management software comes packed with powerful features for small to large trades businesses, that will save you a ton of time and money.