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AroFlo is the job management software that industrial builders trust to fully encompass the true size and scope of their operations. On large-scale projects, you need the right tools to streamline your workflows and cut down on the time you spend managing people, tasks and materials.

Our cloud-based software lets you focus on the big picture, by keeping the smaller day-to-day tasks automated and ticking along as usual. With our suite of innovative tools, you can take charge of any site, from large-scale private sector projects all the way to government infrastructure with complete confidence.

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Integrated Gantt Chart

From breaking ground all the way to delivering a finished project to a happy client, AroFlo’s Gantt chart tool helps you stay on top of every little detail.

Link tasks with dependencies and ensure that work proceeds in a set and orderly fashion with every single employee under control and on task.

Add milestones to specific tasks or dates that can denote anything from upcoming deadlines to scheduled safety inspection dates.

AroFlo’s Gantt chart feature is a must-have for industrial builders, perfectly fitting whatever you need to ensure your project progresses on time and on budget.

Keep stakeholders up to date with AroFlo RFIs

Information is everything when operating as a industrial construction expert.

Ensure that everyone in your team has the details they need to get the job done right with AroFlo’s project management system.

Sending and receiving documentation is quick and easy with our software, allowing you to streamline and track forms relating to project variations and changes all from within your AroFlo system.

AroFlo’s RFIs are also built to keep your clients satisfied as well, with full email integration ensuring you’ll always have the means to dispense information to relevant stakeholders at any time.

Keep stakeholders up to date with AroFlo RFIs

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