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Tired of spending more time doing admin work when you should be enjoying your free time doing things you love? After all, we’re supposed to work to live – not the other way around. AroFlo helps to reduce time spent on admin tasks, whilst helping your whole business run a whole lot smoother.

AroFlo job management software is perfectly suited to solar businesses, supporting the core processes involved including job estimating, scheduling, maintenance, GPS tracking, inventory management, invoicing, and billing.

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AroFlo allows you to easily manage periodic and on-demand maintenance jobs through real time job allocation and data capture. Jobs can be allocated and scheduled without making a phone call.

Job information can be entered into the system from the field and is available for invoicing the moment the job is completed. Without the need for the technician to travel back to the office to deliver paper work, AroFlo increases billable hours by keeping staff out on the road.

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Case Study – Online Air & Solar

With the goal to provide high-quality, cost-effective work and excellent customerservice, Robert Bell of Online Air and Solar was up for the hard work involved in getting established. As the business grew, his larger commercial clients started asking for things his existing admin processes couldn’t easily provide: visibility of scheduling calendars, images of completed jobs, and more.

AroFlo enabled him to offer full transparency on all installations, improve communication with field staff, and streamline every aspect of his business.

Online Air & Solar

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