2018-06-06T12:36:44+10:00January 1st, 2011|Management|

Customer Service Manager Customer service, training, and tech-support. I Like Good food, good beer and good company (and a good night's sleep). Sunshine in the morning & doing stuff outdoors (when the weather is nice).Ancistrus & Litoria ewingi. I Don't Like [...]

Bradley Bristow-Stagg

2017-07-27T13:40:01+10:00January 1st, 2011|Customer Service, Management|

Technical  Manager Train, consult, encourage and work with our clients, when implementing AroFlo into their business, and the rest of the Customer Service team to better understand AroFlo and how to use it. Having a young family myself, I love hearing that tradies can spend more [...]

Amy Polidano

2017-07-27T13:48:27+10:00January 1st, 2010|HR & Admin, Management|

HR and Accounts Manager I’m fortunate to have a varied role, where I manage the Accounts and HR aspects of our business. I work closely with all the Managers to implement new policies and procedures, providing transparency to our staff and clients. I’m passionate about [...]

Lisa Arrowsmith

2017-07-27T13:48:01+10:00January 1st, 2010|HR & Admin, Management|

Office Manager I run the day to day activities and administration in the office, you name it I do it. I Like Tennis, time with family and friends. I Don't Like Swearing and mess!