Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of business advisory to the trades industry.

Our mission is to provide business owners with the tools, resources, information, and connections to create consistency of results and long-term stability in their business.

At PROTRADE United we believe your business is a vehicle. A vehicle to help you achieve more of what matters most to you. This could be to become financially independent, spend more quality time with your family, travel, or leave a legacy.

Why Choose PROTRADE?
  • Industry specific knowledge and intelligence
    The information you will receive is current, relevant, and trades industry specific. You will be introduced to proven street-smart business practices that will get you positive results immediately
  • A focus on implementation, not just information
    20 ideas that are never acted upon are worth nothing. At PROTRADE United, the team will assist you to implement the simple steps necessary to produce sustainable growth and consistency in your business.
  • Practical experience you can count on
    We have worked with more than 3,900 businesses, over almost 20 years and our mentors have 87 years combined industry coaching experience.

Please note: AroFlo Consultants and Partners are not employees of AroFlo.  We do not guarantee or endorse the service or level of expertise of any consultant or partner.

The information included in our Partners’ listings is not verified on an individual basis, nor do we recommend or guarantee the service provided by any one advisor. We recommend you research your advisor options prior to accepting any contracts with them.