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Saving Grace Solutions

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Saving Grace Solutions was started by myself, Chris Gracia in 2023. As one of AroFlo's most tenured and experienced 3rd party Implementation and Operations Consultants. I have been working as an onsite implementation partner and certified consultant with AroFlo since 2016, and my extensive experience working with trade businesses of every shape and size gives me a breadth of experience in implementing AroFlo effectively unrivalled by any consultant in the market.

Previously serving as the Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Kappa Business Solutions for several years, I started Saving Grace Solutions to establish my own unique brand as the definitive consultancy for Construction and Trade Service businesses utilising AroFlo. With years of experience working with every type of trade business model, from mid to large-scale multi-tiered trade businesses, to smaller single business unit entities, my implementation models focus on strong foundations of Systems Management and Project Delivery practices utilising individually scoped mechanics executed by the features best suited for each individual business.

My moto: Don’t make the business fit the tool, help make the tool fit the business.

At Saving Grace Solutions, we travel internationally to provide onsite assistance for our clients, delivering the best practice models for implementing AroFlo into each business and working directly with the onsite teams in whatever facet is required for a successful implementation. Strategising, Consulting, Training and Executing the works ourselves, we can service your team in whatever way is required to get the software working optimally for your business.
From Perth to Auckland, and even to the USA, we work wherever we are needed, forming intimate relationships with our clients to help each AroFlo system grow with the business and scale appropriately.
With a strong focus on change management plans that mitigate risk, and a vested interest in the success of our client’s business, Saving Grace Solutions is not only AroFlo’s partner, but your business partner in achieving the goals you have now, and well into the future.

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