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3 Reasons to Ditch Paperwork

If you’re a busy trade business owner, then chances are you haven’t had an opportunity to streamline your operations and innovate on your business practices recently. Being work-focused is great, but the reality is that you are competing with thousands of other tradies, and they are going after the same jobs as you. This is why it’s important to keep a constant eye out for ways to improve your business and help elevate it above your competition.


You could try quick tactics like quoting lower than your competitors, but nobody wins in a race to the bottom. Instead, you should investigate ways to increase your work turnover without lowering your profit margins, which is where digital automation comes in.


Because the simple fact is, tradespeople who use digital job management solutions win more work and complete jobs faster as they don’t have to rely on paperwork to run their business.


Here are three major benefits of modern job management platforms that help elevate digitally enhanced tradies above their peers:


Benefit 1 – Automatic Invoicing

If you’ve worked a trade for a while, you’ll know how important it is to minimise your time spent on admin. Getting swamped with paperwork prevents you or your team from getting out into the field and completing the work that makes you money.


Job management software puts its best foot forward by offering something paperwork can’t; an invoicing process that requires minimal input from you. Imagine a world where you create an invoice using information pulled directly from stored job data, then dispatch it to a client in seconds and you’ll quickly see how powerful an automatic invoicing system is.


Benefit 2 – Digitised OHS & Safety Compliance

Safety and compliance are an integral part of trade work, and meeting OHS standards might require you to complete multiple pieces of paperwork before being allowed on site.


Digital job management once again makes the process a lot easier, with many software platforms allowing you to complete checklists digitally and then archive core compliance documentation without having to haul paperwork home after every job.


Benefit 3 – Integrated Scheduling & Timesheets

Traditional business operations likely see you filling out a job card, scheduling the job on your calendar or whiteboard, and then manually adding any hours to a timesheet once the job is complete.


Instead of doing the grunt work, a digital system can push information from one place to another with far less manual input, saving you time and letting you focus on the job.


What’s the next step?

Now you know why it’s so important to leverage a digital advantage to win more work, and we recommend getting started on the search for a platform that suits your needs. Our software AroFlo is a powerful option for tradespeople of all industries. Even if you aren’t ready to make the digital switch yet, our website has lots of great information on the features and tools you can take advantage of outside of the ones we’ve discussed in this article. Check us out at

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