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5 AroFlo Reports That Can Grow Business Success

Running a great trade, service or construction business means doing everything you can to earn the success that you deserve. Achieving this requires diligence and the willingness to use all the tools at your disposal to refine your business offerings and reach more potential customers than ever before.

You don’t have to start big either, as even a small amount of fine-tuning can increase your business’s efficiency tenfold. Whether it’s pushing for a faster quoting process or refining how you deliver your service, every minor adjustment adds to a huge net gain over time.

To make these kinds of informed decisions, you need reliable facts and figures available on demand. Once upon a time, this meant manually gathering business data through painstakingly slow processes. But nowadays, if you use a job management software like AroFlo, you may already have access to a goldmine of rich information without even knowing it.

By accessing this data and using the suite of reporting tools included in our software package, you can begin to look at your business in much greater detail. This information will guide your future decisions by offering a definitive record of what has happened in past which shows you where you need to make changes in future.

Here are five examples of reports that you can run with AroFlo, which can help you make more informed decisions and grow your business success:

1. Profit/Loss Reports

AroFlo’s Profit/Loss reports let you see how your business performs over time at a glance. Knowing which jobs profited and which ones lost you money is particularly useful if you’re ever concerned about your current cash flow and need to make adjustments quickly.

Examining the profitability of past jobs also helps you highlight who your most lucrative clients are or who you might not want to do business with again for the sake of your bottom line.

With all this information available at the tap of a button, you can even begin to accept or decline work based on projected profits or losses drawn from past jobs.

Your profitability doesn’t have to be a guessing game; all you need to do is make the right move and switch to AroFlo’s reporting tools.

2. Outstanding Job Reports

Another simple yet powerful report is a survey of your outstanding jobs. AroFlo is an end-to-end job management system, so it stores every job detail down to individual task stages, then lets you access this data at any time.

If you’re the kind of business owner who dreads checking which jobs haven’t been invoiced yet at the end of each week, then AroFlo’s outstanding job reports are a lifesaver.

The more jobs you have running, the more useful this report becomes, especially if you let employees handle work in the field while you run things back at the office.

3. Overdue Invoice Report

No matter how big or small your business is, outstanding invoices cost you money the longer they go unpaid. Rather than sifting through your jobs to find who hasn’t paid their bill on time, you can instead gather this information in one place with a report.

AroFlo’s reporting tools will also filter outstanding invoices by grouped increments, so you can narrow down which completed jobs are the longest overdue and begin there if you wish.

AroFlo’s reporting tools make it easy to find out
what you’re owed and keep your cash flow moving.

4. Compliance/Safety Reports

Nobody likes filling out compliance forms when they arrive at a job, but the information they capture is still incredibly handy for making future business decisions.

Using AroFlo, you can quickly draw out individual fields contained within your safety documentation and report on the information contained within them in seconds.

This data provides insight into whether your safety protocols align with industry standards and whether your staff are doing the right thing by filling in the required safety/compliance documents.

5. Productivity Reports

Want to know who in your team is pulling their weight and who might be dragging their feet? With a productivity report, you can quickly highlight star performers and check who might need a little bit of motivation and guidance to continue working to the best of their ability.

Set your report as either a productive or non-productive summary to compare employees based on either criterion, then set time parameters to see how everyone did over a set period.

Employee oversight from the comfort of your office,
just another benefit of AroFlo’s reporting tools.

But the power of AroFlo’s reporting tools doesn’t end there. Completely customised reports can also be created using our suite of reporting tools and this functionality is available to all AroFlo users, letting you create insightful reports from day one.

New to AroFlo?

Our reporting tools are a cut above the rest, and we’d love to show you just how much you can achieve when you harness the power of your business data. Follow this link to book a demo and we’ll not only show you how AroFlo’s reports help build your success, but also how our software can help automate your business.


James Burgess
Content Specialist

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