AroFlo Releases Field App

Melbourne, Vic - Today, job management software company AroFlo announced the launch of a new Field App, which sees the previously browser-only software available for download on iOS and Android.


AroFlo’s CEO, Peter Darley, commended the AroFlo team on the successful delivery of the new infrastructure, saying, “You asked, and we listened! The AroFlo App will offer field technicians the flexibility to choose whether they use AroFlo in a browser or via the app.”


Aside from increased flexibility for field teams, the AroFlo app also aims to equip trade business owners and operators with greater access to mobile device functionality by directly aligning AroFlo’s Field design with app-based infrastructure.


Benefits include:

-          Providing greater utilisation of mobile device hardware for improved signature capture, photo uploads, barcode scanning and geo-location.

-          Offering increased AroFlo account security through the use of app infrastructure.

-          The ability for AroFlo to capitalise on new and upcoming app technology to improve software functionality.


The AroFlo app will begin receiving regular updates and new functionality post-launch, with users able to stay up to date on newly released features via AroFlo’s newsletter, update blogs and social media.

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