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Stay Ahead of the Curve: The Best HVAC Blogs You Should Be Following

So, you've mastered the art of fixing a faulty air conditioner, conquered the mysteries of refrigeration, and can tell your HVAC acronyms like your ABCs. But tools, tactics and technologies are always evolving - how do you ensure you stay ahead of the curve? Simple - bookmark these blogs, grab your coffee, and let's dive into the best HVAC resources available!

Leveraging Blogs for Your Professional Development

Technological advancements and industry trends constantly reshape the way HVAC technicians go about their business, so you’ve got to find a way to keep up to date. We think blogs are a great place to get started. These digital treasure troves aren't just virtual coffee breaks; they're tools that provide information about industry insights, cutting-edge technologies, and a community of like-minded professionals sharing their trials and triumphs. So, buckle up your tool belt.


Let’s explore!

The Best HVAC Blogs to Follow for Industry Insight

Now, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we’ve sourced heaps of great online resources specifically created for HVAC professionals like you. The bad news is they’re mostly from overseas, namely America, meaning most of the information they provide will be ‘relevant-ish’. Not to say there are no Australian HVAC blogs, but they’re few and far between. The Australian HVAC blogs are mostly geared towards clients of HVAC businesses, and while those blogs are top-notch, too, we’re willing to bet you don’t need to read an article about the importance of keeping your air conditioner clean. But hey, let’s circle back to the good news - there’s clearly a market of HVAC professionals in Australia crying out for a regular blog that offers an insider look at the industry and everything you need to know to run your business; maybe there’s a side hustle in there somewhere for you? And hey, if you do end up running one of the best HVAC blogs for Aussies, let us know, and we’ll add you to the top of this list!

1.   AroFlo

Ok, so we’re clearly going to make a little pitch here. We write one of the best HVAC blogs geared towards industry professionals (and you’re here on our site for just that), plus we cover plenty of HVAC-specific topics, from HVAC marketing strategies and HVAC safety on the job to HVAC software.


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Top AroFlo blog post:

HVAC Safety Checklist and Guidelines for Professionals

This post discusses the importance of creating, checking and maintaining an HVAC checklist as a necessary part of keeping yourself and your team safe, stressing that cutting corners is never the way. Instead, it suggests taking the time to investigate software that can help you streamline your processes.

2. ACHR News

The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration News (ACHR News) is a weekly magazine dedicated to everything HVAC, covering both residential and commercial contracting. The magazine is great, and we highly recommend picking one up, but if you prefer to get your news and updates on your phone, theirs is one of the best HVAC blogs around.

They update frequently, staying up to date with HVAC news, progress, and technology, as well as information and tips on running your business, so you don’t have to scour the internet looking for tips. Covering topics from radiant heating systems to attracting new contractors into the field, they’ve got you covered. But, like you, they’re in the money-making business, so you only get one free article a day.

Top ACHR blog post:

Radiant Heating Systems Deliver Comfort, Regardless of the Energy Source

This blog post is a helpful guide about radiant heating systems, breaking down their types - air-source, electric, and hydronic - and explaining their unique benefits. It includes insights from industry experts and introduces new products like energy-efficient circulators and smart thermostats. This post provides practical information and solutions for navigating heating choices in the modern era. It's a straightforward read for anyone interested in understanding radiant heating.


3. HVAC Classes

The HVAC Classes blog spills the beans on labour trends, highlighting must-have HVAC apps for contractors, and dishes out savvy business tips. Whether you're a fresh face in the HVAC scene or a seasoned pro, HVAC Classes is your go-to guide, offering a wealth of knowledge through training courses, online classes, and apprenticeships. But it’s their blog that we’re here for - it's not just an educational haven for newbies; it's a companion throughout your entire HVAC career journey. They post several times a month on a very organic schedule, meaning that anything they put out there is likely worth them taking the time to talk about.

Top HVAC Classes blog post:

How To Become An HVAC Technician 

This blog post explores the challenges in the HVAC industry and the need for an expanded workforce. It highlights the growing demand for skilled workers in construction and addresses the ageing HVAC workforce, emphasising the need for specialised skills in energy-efficient equipment and digital controls. To support workforce growth, the post suggests raising awareness of HVAC careers, working together with recognised training facilities, and providing ongoing training for those starting out.

4. HVAC School: For Techs by Techs

HVAC School offers a broad collection of online resources, including quizzes, videos, a podcast, and tech tips. Their HVAC blog is fantastic, both for those new to the industry or involved in training new HVAC technicians. You can explore topics such as residential heat pump maintenance and gain insights into post-trade school practices. But HVAC School also provides educational content through its YouTube channel, covering installation, diagnosis, repair, and sales techniques for various HVAC systems.

Top HVAC School blog post:

Finishing Trade School? Some Things You Need To Know

This HVAC blog post provides guidance for recent trade school graduates entering the HVAC industry, emphasising the importance of choices in shaping their career paths. It explores various industry segments, such as stationary versus fieldwork, installation versus service, and residential versus commercial, highlighting the unique characteristics and demands of each. The author advises against solely prioritising initial pay and encourages seeking companies that invest in long-term training and development. The post also talks about the significance of personal character, offering rules for professional conduct. Practical tips for success include continuous learning, positive communication, consistent good work, and dealing with negativity in the workplace. The author concludes by urging readers to choose a path aligned with their goals and navigate challenges with resilience.

Don’t Stop at Blogs: Other Resources for HVAC Professionals

Now, while blogs are the HVAC superheroes you need, don't forget to explore other resources too. Here are some spaces you can actually connect with other HVAC professionals to chat, ask for help and, likely, commiserate when jobs go pear-shaped.

HVAC Australia Facebook group

This group is your go-to space for all things HVAC in Australia. Whether you have questions, comments, or queries related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, if you find yourself stuck on a job and can't seem to get through to anyone, this is a supportive community ready to get you through. If you’re in HVAC and you’re not in this Facebook group, you’re missing out on some real-time camaraderie.

NATE Magazine

NATE is an American HVAC certification organisation specialising in training new HVAC techs. But they also put out a regular magazine packed full of really handy HVAC information no matter where you are. Luckily, they provide free access to their digital archives, meaning you can read the magazine online for free. You can also subscribe to their newsletter, giving you the highlights in easily digestible bites.


Here are a couple of HVAC forums dedicated to HVAC queries and questions:


-       HVAC-Talk


-       HVAC | Contractor Talk - Professional Construction and Remodeling Forum


A subreddit for all things HVAC. If you thought the HVAC Australia Facebook group was a big community, this subreddit goes global!


We know putting in the time to stay up to date with HVAC news and technology can be hard to fit into your busy day, so we hope we’ve made it a little easier to find the resources you need. Happy reading!

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