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The Best Construction Blogs for Industry News and Insights

The construction biz is a bit different to the other trades. Where other tradies and businesses might be able to pick up consistent work through whatever economic climate, construction is different. It relies on projects, big and small, and is usually the first to feel the pinch when the market changes.

So, with all that to worry about, why would you throw reading a bunch of construction blogs into the mix? Well, these blogs can be a great source of news and insights into the industry, and let's be frank: it’s nice to have someone else do the research for you! Construction blogs are free, easily accessible sources that can be checked anywhere, anytime.

Which Construction Blogs To Follow and Why

Now, not all construction blogs, articles and posts will be relevant to Australia. We’ve got our own ways of doing things! But that doesn’t mean global construction blogs can’t be useful to you in your trade! Expertise, advice and community from around the world can help you develop, and things like market trends overseas can 

With that in mind, we’ve split the construction blogs into two categories: global and Australian. Global can give you an idea of what tradespeople and businesses around the world are doing and can cover developments that affect the construction trade worldwide. The big ones are the UK and the US for English-language content (even if they use it in interesting ways!)

Australian construction blogs, on the other hand, will provide info tailored for home, and a niche view into the issues and changes the Aussie landscape is making. 

Global Blogs

Some of the blogs we found in our search for the best construction blogs are based overseas. While the following sites are focused towards different global markets and construction sectors, they still contain a wealth of info and insights. 

Maybe things like pricing strategies or laws and policies won’t match up (and each state in the US may as well have its own entire explanation), but the experience is still important.

For Construction Pros

The For Construction Pros website combines a construction blog and news feed, giving the latest updates from stories from both the Americas and worldwide. Their focus is on North America, but plenty of their advice and news is relevant to contractors and tradies worldwide.

They produce a newsletter and magazines under various topics, but most of their content is accessible for free directly from their website. Their categories include







Another great feature of the site is its robust tech news and demos; this construction blog tells you about the latest in equipment like scissor lifts, impact crushers, and generators. Not just articles but videos too, especially for the latest developments or equipment systems. Words can’t always capture the scale, after all!


Letsbuild is a company based in Denmark that provides the European market with construction management and safety tools to improve all processes involved in a thriving construction worksite. They’ve been thriving, and they have a lot of industry insight when it comes to the sector!

Their construction blog is split into their ‘Popular Guides’ and ‘Articles’ sections. A handy feature, especially for their upfront guides about construction planning/scheduling, management and checklists.

Some of their article topics cover European news and trends, but many cover general topics that can be useful to anyone in the construction industry, with a focus on all things construction management. On-site safety, communication, digital integration, efficiency, and productivity are all covered, and those are just some of the recent posts!

UK Construction Blog

As you can glean from the name, UK Construction Blog is a spot for everything in the sector, reporting news from top companies, 

A handy feature right from the first page is their ‘Popular Article Topics’ section, which lists the number of articles under each category and provides an easy way for anyone to click through to topics that are most relevant to them. Or, if you want everything, it’s just a further scroll to the most recent articles on their construction blog.

Some of their topics include:





Sure, their blog posts are centred around the UK construction market, but they also have articles that cover information that’s useful for any tradie! Insights into topics like the pros and cons of rendering, gate hinges, outdoor garden construction, and repairing spalling brickwork; they cover anything related to construction. 

You might find your next idea right here!

Commercial Construction Blog

Also known as HardHatChat, this blog covers the processes and achievements of Englewood Construction and Management, a company based in the US. This one is a bit unique, as each article covers different topics, but from the point-of-view of Englewood itself, how it undertook a project, the specifics, and their strategies.

It might seem irrelevant to read, being specifically about a US company, but the ups and downs and challenges that come with construction management are all laid out, and it provides a unique insight into the workings of a large outfit with many working parts. Worth a read if you’re interested in what problems and solutions are involved in large-scale projects.

Construction Dive

Construction Dive is a US-based news construction blog covering a lot of the nitty-gritty of US deals and trends. A lot of this info might not be relevant to an Australian market, but the blog also covers new technology, green initiatives, digital solutions and more. 

They have their construction blog articles split under the ‘Deep Dive’ and ‘Opinion’ sections. Deep Dive is industry insights from Construction Dive’s journalists, while Opinion posts are from construction professionals and experts giving their own take on developments and updates. This is a good distinction, as the journalists cover more US-market stuff, while the opinion pieces cover a variety of issues.

Australian Blogs

Of course, global isn’t always going to be relevant and with limited time, you’re probably more interested in construction blogs about the sector here in Aus! It’s always good to have a few sources on hand for upcoming projects, financial/market trends, updates to laws and supply chains.

We’ve got you covered with some of our picks:

Build Australia

Build Australia publishes an online magazine, alongside various physical titles, about all things construction and infrastructure. But don’t worry, you don’t need to fork out anything for the mag, as they also run an online construction blog for free! Their blog is split into several sections:



-Grand Designs

-Mega Structures


The events section is a handy feature, as not many Australian blogs have featured event info on their front pages. Being in the know about industry events is handy for updates and networking opportunities. They have lots of different topics to check out and provide a good snapshot of how the industry is going.

Inside Construction

Inside Construction is a magazine that covers what you need to know in the Australian construction sector. 

They’ve got links to upcoming sector events and even their own marketplace: classifieds where you can find vehicles and equipment from all over the country. 

Also, importantly, they run a construction blog covering Australia-wide news and developments, which anyone can access for free. Big investments, mergers, industry trends, tenders and more are covered! We liked their attention to detail on the wider picture of the construction sector and what that can mean for tradies.

Inside construction also features handy tags at the top of each of their posts, so you can get a quick snapshot of the info about the article and what it’s categorised as. These tags also make it easy to find the articles/posts relevant to what you want to read or explore the latest news.


The construction blog of Sourceable is a one-stop place for all types of news and blog posts from tradies and experts nationwide. The blog combines both regular writers and guest writers covering all sorts of topics. This is great as you get news and tips straight from industry professionals and people who ‘get’ the sector.

What we liked about the articles is that many of them covered topics we hadn’t seen on other blogs, like a recent post on waterproofing, training apprentices during downturns and work culture. 

Some of their biggest categories are:





Sometimes formatting of Sourceable can be pretty odd, but the info in the articles is worth the read!

Felix Project News

The Felix Vendor Marketplace provides free quote comparisons for potential projects, so their construction blog is their one-stop shop for everything in construction and infrastructure news. This focus is their strength, and they cover updates on state/federal projects, contract awards and proposed projects around Australia. Their articles are sorted by location, so you can find ones relevant to your state with a click.

They call themselves ‘Australia’s Favourite Construction Blog’, so maybe they’ll be yours. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell if not!)


Yeah, it’s us! We work hard to provide tradies with an all-around experience when it comes to starting/growing their business and making things clearer. Our blog isn’t just a construction blog (though we do have great sector-specific stuff, too.) It covers all things trades, from getting your start in choosing the right trade for you, apprenticeships/training, and how to get a foothold in the trades business yourself.

Our blog isn’t as dense with construction info as the above blogs we’ve listed, but it does cover everything you need to get started in making your trade business dreams a reality.

Managing Your Worksite For Success

With all the moving parts of a construction site, being in charge of the team can be daunting. Your business will be collaborating with a whole network of other tradies, each with the time they want to work, how they like to spread out and what they expect of others. Now, we can’t control how others want to get the job done, but when it comes to your own team, you want to ensure your own strategies are in place.

AroFlo’s management software can provide the foundation you need for organising your team, keeping track of what needs to be done and making sure everyone is on the same page with great communication. A team with clear goals and policies for any issues is a team that will be more productive and confident to get the job done. Try a demo with AroFlo today and see how you can streamline your business!

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