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The Best Blogs for Electricians

Let's not waste time. You're after the best blogs for electricians and a list of links to where you can find them, and we're going to give you just that!

Following Blogs and Online Communities

It’s kind of incredible how many communities there are on the web. No matter your skill, niche or job, a community exists for you. With the ease of websites like Reddit and WordPress and the accessibility for anyone to build their own, networks exist for any group you can think of. 

That includes communities just for sparkies! In recent years a whole bunch of electrician blogs and forums have sprung up all over the web, alongside online publications and support for tradies and apprentices. 

Why You Should Follow Electrician Blogs

Running your own business is heaps of work: juggling jobs, sourcing leads, building your network, contacting suppliers, and keeping customers happy. It might seem like the last thing you have time for is keeping up with blogs and online forums.

Hear us out, though. By finding the right electrician blog and community online, you’ll benefit from access to the minds of a thousand other electricians whenever you need advice or insights. Plus, any sparkie can become part of these networks, so why not give one a try?

Speaking of networks, here’s why finding the right electrician blog can help your career and business!

Community and Networking

Whether you’re a newly minted tradesperson or an experienced pro, building a network can sometimes be difficult, especially in the electrician trade, where you can often work on your own or in a small team. Plenty of work for your business is excellent, but that can leave you with less time to connect with others or make contacts in the industry.

Online communities can have the downside of the geographical distance of their members, but having contact with others who understand the trade and small business is a great morale boost. It’s nice to yarn with people that get it!


As you move from apprentice to journeyman, develop your skills and participate in the workforce, you’ll learn and gain experience along the way. But hands-on experience alone won’t make you the best tradie in the business. Whether you want to find a job with a larger company or establish your own business, keeping up with the latest developments and technologies is essential to keeping your career moving upward. 

Following the right electrician blog and publications can keep you on top of the latest developments regarding new laws and policies for tradies, market trends, or new tech.

The electrician landscape is particularly suited to consistent up-skilling: as consumers, businesses and governments adopt new technologies and adapt to sustainable practices, the demand for electricians in those areas will grow. 

This can be a boon for you and your business!

Business Development

The best electrician blogs can provide a wealth of information and insight, and from up-skilling and tracking market trends, blogs can also assist with your business growth.

Tips from other business owners, suggestions to improve your paperwork and workflow, informational articles on lead generation, customer retention, the latest industry-standard electrician job software, and more. 


Sometimes, you come up against a problem, and the solution is murky. Sometimes, you get stuck while setting up a small business or navigating issues with customers, suppliers or colleagues. Experience is a teacher, but the lessons are often learned too late.

But others have had those experiences, too! Other sparkies and business owners writing electrician blogs have had these issues. These are your peers and, sometimes, your competition. Other tradies have been in the same spots and have asked these questions. And if you can’t find the answer, you can ask the question on some forums!


Electrician blogs and online social spaces can give you a look into where other electricians have taken their careers, what specialisations they’ve undertaken and how their businesses have developed.

Juggling work, professional responsibilities, and challenges can feel frustrating when you’re setting up your own business or trying to grow. Knowing others are experiencing similar frustrations and seeing how others pivoted and developed can inspire! 

Amid hard work and pressures, it can feel like you’re stuck in place, putting in heaps of effort but not seeing much return. Business growth takes time, consistency and flexibility. Seeing how others have developed their businesses, worked through periods of high effort for low returns, and responded to market changes can remind us that success is always possible.

Electrician Blogs, Forums and Publications to Follow

So, where to start? The blessing and curse of the internet is that it’s enormous. An electrician blog can be easy enough to find, but what about the other options? Which blog or forum will suit you? Some electrician blogs and forums talk about anything and everything electrical, while others discuss policies, industry development, training or tech.

Here are some of the best electrician blogs and forums to give a look-see!

Electricians of Reddit

If you’re familiar with Reddit, why not start at r/electricians? It’s a subreddit for electricians, run by electricians. This is where you can talk to other professionals, ask questions, read others' stories/experiences, and share your own. It’s also a great place to vent: who better than other electricians to understand where you’re coming from?

Not familiar with Reddit? Reddit is a popular online site where people can create forums, known as ‘subreddits’, on any topic they choose. People can joke, share experiences, post photos, and ask questions. You can join Reddit and follow individual subreddits to get the most out of your experience. Popular posts and topics will pop up on the Reddit homepage.

General topics such as trades have a moderation team and rules to ensure everyone can get the most out of the sub. 


As a side note, the r/electricians and r/electrical subreddits are distinctly different forums. While the electricians' subreddit is for tradespeople to discuss their work experiences and share their stories, it isn’t for the general public to ask questions. The subreddit r/electrical is a more open forum about the skill itself. Electricians can be part of both, but for industry-specific stuff, r/electricians is a better bet.

Electrical Contractor Magazine

EC Mag is a publication and electrical blog covering everything contractors need to know about the latest updates in their industry, as well as discussions on safety, maintenance, policies, and more. 

Subtopics included are Codes and Standards, Safety, Residential, Green Building, Lighting, and Your Business. The magazine also reviews tools and tech, provides online-exclusive webinars and even market research reports.

Electrician Talk

Electrician Talk is a longstanding electrician blog about everything to do with the trade. It’s a robust online community, with members from all over the world.

The site is divided into distinct forums and discussions, covering topics like apprentice questions, fire safety, alternative electrical, industrial electrics and more.

It’s definitely worth a good read, and you never know what kind of questions and info you can find there.

Electrical News

Electrical News is an online publication that reports on both the US and wider global audiences.

The part of their site we want to focus on is the contributor blogs section of the site, with electricians from around the world submitting their news, highlights and market trends to watch out for. This isn’t just for the US audience! A recent article, for example, highlights the growing need for electricity in the Australian economy and how electrician jobs may change to meet demand. 

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

The IBEW is an organisation based in the USA and Canada with the goal of protecting and supporting members who work in the electrical trade. While this is an overseas group, the blog and articles of the IBEW comprise a significant amount of information spanning all aspects of the trade. 


Yep, this blog right here! This article is just one of many on our site covering the electrician trade. For example, our guide to electrical quoting, with tips and resources to improve your quoting process.

AroFlo covers plenty of topics for small business growth, such as streamlining your paperwork, customer retention, and more! 

Your Own Business and Electrician Blog

A good electrician blog can be a source of information, inspiration, and fun. A trend we’re seeing is the need to adapt and upskill as the economy changes and our processes change. New tech is becoming more and more a part of our lives, and with this change comes the need for electricians ready for the challenge.

However, with niche skills and specialisations comes the need for advertising. Consumers need to be aware of what your business offers and how it can help meet their needs. Effective advertising in the electrical industry is important, even with high demand. It’s how you can get your expertise and skills out there.

It’s not just large companies and publications that can run their own electrician blog. By creating yourself and providing quality content and info for potential customers, you can bump up your website and business in search rankings.

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