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Top HVAC Apps for Enhanced Service Delivery

Time is literally money when you’re a tradie, which is why inventive tradies before you came up with ways of getting the most bang for their buck. In all likelihood, you’re not soldiering on manually turning a screwdriver when a power drill gets the job done in minimal time and with minimal effort, right? So, let’s take that time-saving mindset and put it towards, well, every other aspect of your business. From invoicing and payroll to scheduling and job tracking, there’s a “power tool” you might not yet have considered. We’ve done a little digging and found some stellar HVAC apps that you could use to streamline your business and help you bring in more cash.

What to Look for in an HVAC App

Let's break down what makes a great HVAC app. If you’re going to get any use out of it, it’s got to be easy for you to use. Will it integrate seamlessly into your current business model? Will it scale to grow when your business does? Ultimately, the ideal HVAC app should be a versatile business partner, simplifying tasks and contributing to your overall success. So, what should you look for in an HVAC app?

User-Friendly Interface

An HVAC app should be easy to use, with a design that makes it simple for both experienced professionals and those new to technology. Because if the only person who understands how to use it is the half-hearted apprentice who only got out from behind their computer because their parents got proactive and started charging rent is the only person who can navigate the app, it’s going to last in your business about as long as that apprentice does. An HVAC app needs a straightforward interface that anyone, regardless of tech knowledge, can easily navigate, or it just doesn't have a place in your business.

Compatible with Devices

A great HVAC app should work smoothly on all smartphones, laptops, and tablets - whichever devices you and your team use. You know yourself; you’re either an Android person or an iPhone person (is there ever a third option?), and asking your teammates to switch for the sake of an app could be bad news for your business. Top apps for HVAC contractors must be compatible with the latest devices, making it inclusive and easy for everyone.

Integration Capabilities

It's important to find HVAC apps that’ll smoothly connect and work together with other tools and software that are crucial to your business. You’re building an ecosystem where different components communicate and share information seamlessly. This will streamline processes and enhance overall efficiency, creating a more unified and effective digital support system for your HVAC business operations.

Security and Data Protection

You carry a lot of sensitive information with you; in your truck, on the go, even in your pocket. You’ve got your business’ banking details, accounts, and your own personal information. Plus, you’ve also got your clients’ private information to consider. Bringing on any new app means trusting that the HVAC app prioritises security and data protection, incorporating strong measures to ensure the safety of sensitive information, and recognising how crucial data security is in the digital landscape.


An HVAC app should be adaptable to your business's growth and changing needs. It shouldn't be a static tool but a dynamic solution that evolves with your enterprise, making it an essential asset for your long-term growth.


Effective customer support for an HVAC app should be responsive, with the creators and developers providing assistance and troubleshooting solutions whenever you need them. It's not just about resolving issues any issues that may come up, it’s about making sure their users have reliable help whenever they encounter challenges. This level of support is a commitment to user confidence and satisfaction, going beyond conventional problem-solving to offer a consistently reliable experience with the HVAC app, and you should unquestionably expect the same level of customer care from the developers of your chosen apps.

Must-Have HVAC Apps: A Comprehensive Overview

1. AroFlo

AroFlo (that’s us!) is more than just an app – it's your all-in-one solution for HVAC business operations. AroFlo seamlessly connects your team, helping you secure more jobs while minimising the paperwork hassle.

AroFlo covers everything you need – from scheduling and inventory management to project handling and reporting. It's like having a digital assistant that takes care of the nitty-gritty so you can focus on growing a connected, automated, and smart trade business.

With AroFlo, you've got it all:

●  Quoting & Job Management

●  Timesheets & Scheduling

●  Accounting & Payments

●  Inbuilt Compliance & Safety Forms

●  Project Management

●  Trade CRM

●  Multi Business Units

●  Customisation and Reporting

●  Training and Customer Support

And it caters to various work types – whether it's project management, asset maintenance, recurring jobs, or property and facility maintenance, AroFlo has you covered. It's the tool that adapts to your HVAC business needs, making your operations smoother and more efficient.

2. HVAC Buddy

When you're fixing equipment, HVAC Buddy is the go-to for starting your diagnosis. It goes beyond the basics, providing a wide range of over 100 refrigerants, superheat and subcooling calculations, and even a system status report feature. HVAC professionals praise its effectiveness and user-friendly features, making it an essential tool in your toolbox.

3. HVAC Check & Charge

This app is an instant mobile refrigerant charge calculator designed for HVACR applications. It takes inspiration from the old sliding cardboard charge calculators and does on-the-spot refrigerant charge calculations. It works with a variety of refrigerants, helping you figure out the right system charge based on specific operating conditions.

4. HVAC Duct Sizer

This app takes the lead as the best-selling duct sizing application for Android. It's designed for fast and straightforward duct sizing analysis, letting you size HVAC duct runs using the constant friction method. Plus, it comes with features like Size by Airflow and Size by Dimensions, turning it into a handy digital ductulator right at your fingertips.

5. MeasureQuick HVAC

MeasureQuick HVAC is a game-changer for HVAC technicians. With its powerful data aggregation tools and real-time education features, it takes your problem-solving skills up a notch. When you’re on the job site facing a tricky system issue, MeasureQuick doesn't just measure; it helps you diagnose with precision.


6. iHandy Level

iHandy Level is the HVAC tool that turns your mobile phone into a surface-leveling wizard. iHandy ensures your work hits the accuracy bullseye. Plus, the calibration process? It's a breeze, striking that sweet spot between simplicity and thoroughness. Consider it a must-have in your toolkit for those jobs where precision is the name of the game.

Embrace the Future of HVAC

When time is crucial for success, which is always the case in trade business, these HVAC apps become invaluable tools. Beyond just making business operations more efficient, they're specifically crafted to improve on-site diagnostics, a must for modern HVAC techs. Upgrading technology can be daunting, we know, so start small, do your research, and you’ll see how these business power tools can save you a lot of time, money, and head scratching!


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