Join AroFlo for the Builders and Trades Blood Donation Challenge

Learn how your team can play a life-saving role in your community and enjoy some friendly competition along the way

Anyone who’s worked with AroFlo for a while knows that we’re a company with heart. From our progressive hiring policies and family-focused work practices to the wonderful friendships and rapport that we build with our clients over time, AroFlo is all about people. So it was a no-brainer when CEO Guy Arrowsmith was invited to support the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood group blood donation program, Lifeblood Teams.

A Lifeblood Team is a group of people – maybe colleagues, a sporting team, or a community group – who commit to regularly donating blood together or in small groups. It’s a way of encouraging blood donation by mixing in a bit of friendly competition, as Lifeblood Teams can compete against each other to see how many lives they can save.

From 1 March to 31 May this year, AroFlo will be participating in Lifeblood’s Builders and Tradies Blood Donation Challenge and we’d like to invite you to get involved, too. Read on to learn more about blood donation and how together, we can help keep blood available for those whose lives depend on it.

One third of us will need blood in our lifetime

According to Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, 1 in 3 Australians will need blood in their lifetime, yet only 1 in 30 Australians regularly donates blood. Due to limited shelf life, the need for blood donations never stops. One donation can save up to 3 lives, so donating blood is a great way to have a huge positive impact on your community.

So what’s involved in donating?

  1. Visit to check your eligibility. You’ll be asked some health and lifestyle questions to make sure it’s safe for you to donate.
  2. Make an online appointment at your local Blood Donor Centre, or ask about forming a Lifeblood Team. AroFlo clients are welcome to join our Lifeblood Team (Type A-Flo Positive). More info below.
  3. The day before your donation, drink plenty of water, eat well, and get a good night’s sleep. On the day, have a good breakfast and keep drinking water or juice. If you wake up unwell that day, get in touch with Lifeblood to reschedule.
  4. At the Blood Donor Centre, Lifeblood staff will interview you to be sure you’re good to go. They’ll get you set up to donate and about 10 minutes later, you’ll have given a priceless gift. Stay for some complimentary refreshments, and then carry on with your day.

And that’s it. An hour or so out of your day and you’ll have made a world of difference in someone else’s life.

Not everyone is able to donate, but everyone can help raise awareness of blood donation so that patients have access to blood when they need it.

How is blood used?

34% cancer and blood diseases

19% other causes of anaemia

18% surgical patients and burns

13% other medical problems, e.g. heart, stomach, kidney disease

10% orthopaedic, including fractures & joint replacements

4% obstetrics, including pregnant women and young children

2% trauma, including road accidents


Team ‘Type A-Flo Positive’ is born

In response to the on-going need for blood, AroFlo decided to form a Lifeblood Team. In early 2019, we held an internal competition to decide on a name for the team. Type A-Flo Positive was the winning entry – a play on our company name and the positive vibe that comes from giving blood. About a third of our staff joined the team, which is managed by our in-house Lifeblood Champion, the person who arranges the bookings and serves as the Lifeblood contact.

Guy very generously allows the Type A-Flo Positive team members to donate during work time, making blood donation more accessible for people and further building the team spirit we all enjoy. Our donors have had the privilege of saving almost 100 lives in the past two years.

The life you save…

In early 2020, Type A-Flo Positive team members learned just how close to home the need for blood can be. One of our staff members was hospitalised, and during his recovery he sent the team the following message:

Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who donated blood. On Wednesday night I was in hospital suffering internal bleeding due to post operative complications. Having considerable blood loss I was given two units of blood to be stabilised for corrective surgery. I’m on the mend and should be back some time next week.

I can’t donate blood but I see there is an upcoming opportunity to donate in a few weeks. So I encourage anyone able to consider going along. The life you save may be family, friend or co-worker. Thank you for your efforts.

It’s a great feeling, knowing that we’re part of something that helped save our team mate’s life. Even if you never know the recipient of your donation, it’s still a buzz, as one of our Lifeblood Team members said a few days after donating:

I got a text message letting me know that my recent blood donation is going to help people at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre today. It is amazing that I can help people who are going through such a hard time.

Bigger and better in 2021

We weren’t able to donate as a group during the 2020 lockdowns, but some of our donors continued donating as individuals – a top effort, given the stresses caused by the pandemic. We’ve already had our first group donation of 2021, and we have another one planned for May.

To expand our effectiveness, we’d like to invite all AroFlo clients to either join us or compete against us in the Builders and Tradies Blood Donation Challenge and see how many lives we can save between 1 March and 31 May 2021.

Are you up for the challenge?

Drop us a line at if you’d like more information or if you’d like to join Type A-Flo Positive. There’s absolutely no cost to your business* and you might just find a new way of motivating your team and helping your community.

Not an AroFlo client? Join in anyway! Remember, every blood donation can save 3 lives, so absolutely everyone is welcome to participate.

Three Type A-Flo Positive members donating together.

* AroFlo staff donate during work hours, which is the only cost we incur. You may choose to donate after hours or on weekends instead. Your donations will still count towards the blood challenge and will still be saving lives.

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