Meet our AroFlo Users: AC Hall Airconditioning

Every trade, service or building professional dreams of the freedom that comes with owning and operating their own business.

But for Alex Hall, running AC Hall Airconditioning was a matter of carefully balancing and managing a complex marriage between his business and its aging administration system.

Based in Springvale, Alex found success by operating on a strict rule of fast and efficient service that’s delivered without compromise.

Work was hard and rewarding, but as time went on Alex found that his business was being held back by endless paperwork and need to manually bridge the gap between on-site work and what went on back at the office.

This frustration was shared by the rest of the team at AC Hall, who were forced to ferry their paperwork back and forth from a job to the office in a cycle that was costly in both time and money.

There had to be an easier way and Alex knew that his administration had to keep pace with his work for AC Hall Airconditioning to grow to its full potential.

AroFlo’s cloud-based job management software was just the ticket.

Moving to a digital system meant saying goodbye to the sea of paper, with everything from invoicing to parts ordering all contained within one easy to use package.

With instant syncing between Field and Office, Alex’s team no longer need to act as messengers and cart their paperwork back to home base just to keep everyone on the same page.

Best of all, Alex no longer spends hours every week managing finances, as AroFlo’s seamless integration with Xero means every invoice is now automatically pushed from his job management software right to his accounting system.

“The beauty of AroFlo is that everything you need is in the one central place. It puts your entire business at your fingertips”, says Alex.

Now AC Hall is looking to the future, making plans to grow and expand. Something their old paperwork system would never have allowed.

Read more about AC Hall Airconditioning’s story here and see how AroFlo’s cloud-based job management software could help your business leave behind the paper trail forever.

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